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Juice it Up!

Ben Lauzier

July 20, 2012


We Californians love healthy food trends – whether it is kale, quinoa, 7-day detox cleanses, or Greek yogurt. A somewhat-dated idea has recently been put back into the spotlight to make sure everyone is getting sufficient vitamins: juices and smoothies! Jamba Juice has rightly been hot on this trail for over 20 years, but even they have been shaking up their menu to lean more towards freshly-squeezed juices versus juices from concentrate.

Different Juices

There are plenty of new-comers in the Bay Area juice scene. They range from pop-ups like Sow SF at Pause Wine Bar to new brick-and-mortar establishments like Juice to You, Corazon Juice Bar, and Sidewalk Juice. Existing restaurants, such as The Plant and Café Venue, have also added juices to their beverage offerings. There are even now juice delivery services from Juicey Lucy’sand Living Greens, to make sure you have no excuse. You can run, but you can’t hide.

Want something for the office or hosting an event? There are smoothies for that from Purple Plant Smoothies, who will come make on-the-spot smoothies or including healthy juices in the company fridge from Daymi.

For those of you categorically resistant to juice, how about a frozen pop made from juice? Pop Nation makes all-natural pops from local fruits and vegetables. They’re also currently working on a no-sugar pop. On a 70 degree day in SF, tell me you can say no to a frozen pop.

So with all the juice available to you, what are you waiting for? Feel alive with a glass of healthy goodness from a restaurant, stand, market – or delivered directly to you.



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