Press Kit works with hundreds of taste tested local food vendors—farmers market purveyors, food trucks, chef-owned restaurants and boutique caterers—to feed offices and events awesome meals.

The company curates menus that are hand-selected to match its customers’ budget and dietary preferences, with a limitless range of cuisine options. Since its founding in 2010, has proudly served more than 8 million meals.

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Haute Food in New York, Delivered to Your Desk
The service “benefits clients because they get a variety of local high-quality artisanal food they normally wouldn't be exposed to.”
The Middleman Is Thriving on the Internet
No journalist likes to be told he's naïve. But that's what Zach Yungst, co-founder of, told me after I wrote a Ping column suggesting that companies that pay for their employee's meals, as many high-tech firms do, retard the economic life of a neighborhood.
How is quietly scaling without venture capital captures and saves preferences like employee dietary restrictions, so once companies have a good experience with the service, they're likely to stay.
Catering Startup Says It Has Served 5M Meals’s goal is to deliver a more varied, tasty catering experience by tapping into the varied culinary world you find in many cities.
This Startup Will Disrupt Your Company’s Lame Free Pizza Day
Everybody loves a free lunch, especially when their boss pays for it. Still, sometimes you might wish your employer would switch it up and order something besides twelve pepperoni pizzas.
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Boring salad or lackluster sandwich? Deciding on lunch is one of life’s greatest annoyances. Thankfully, a new office-catering company has arrived to reinvent the way we eat during the workday.