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Family Style Catering

Bring your team together for catering they’ll love.

Enjoy the benefits of family style catering.

Enhanced safety

Our vendors are vetted for quality and health standards and deliver meals labeled with all ingredients and allergens, so team members know exactly what they’re getting.

Elevated experiences

We can provide everything you need to keep your meal running smoothly, and can elevate your experience with upgraded serving ware and decor, catering staff, and even chefs to prepare your meals on-site.

Fully customizable

Working with a wide range of taste-tested, curated vendors, our team can customize menus to your team’s dietary needs, ensuring menu options will accommodate all appetites.

Managed by experts

Your dedicated account manager will plan customized meals, track your team’s meal preferences, and make sure the logistics of every meal are taken off your plate.

How It Works


Connect with our catering experts

Our catering experts will build your profile by reviewing your schedule, budget, headcount, dietary restrictions, and staffing needs.

Leave the planning and execution to us

We’ll build a schedule of customized menus and experiences by matching your profile with our network of hand-selected, taste-tested vendors, which you can then view and share with your team directly from our platform.

Enjoy delicious meals with no-contact delivery

We’ll handle the logistics and make sure your meal is set up correctly and on-time. Our on-site staff can set up and serve your meal, keep the service area tidy, and stay after to clean up and sanitize equipment.

Enhance your meals with on-site staffing.

On-site staff keeps your team’s meals safe, satisfying, and simple.

Our on-site coordinator can meet the vendor and retrieve the delivery at a designated point to reduce the number of guests in your office. Consistency among our coordinators ensures you will know the person coming to your office for each meal.
On-site staff is available to plate and distribute food for employees to minimize unnecessary exposure, help keep social distancing measures in place and prevent lines from forming.
Coordinators receive specialized safety training and wear masks, gloves, and clean uniforms at all times during service. They also sanitize food service areas, surfaces and equipment throughout your meal and set up signage to promote healthy practices.


“ has been able to get our employees from all different departments together, to get away from our desks, recharge, and be able to return to our work, happy and full.”

—Ellen K., Employee Experience Specialist,