Frequently Asked Questions

How It Works
What is Cater2.me?
Cater2.me makes eating at work amazing. We bring groups together around delicious meals, making them happier and more effective. We cater office meals, happy hours, team off-sites, conferences, office parties, networking events, and corporate galas.

We give your group access to 1,000s of taste-tested local chefs, restaurants, and food trucks — right in your space. We customize meals for your exact needs, restrictions, and preferences. Our customers, who range from Fortune 100 companies to growing startups, appreciate how we go above and beyond to make their teams happy. You can read more about our offering here.
How does Cater2.me work?
  1. We work with you to identify your group’s needs.
  2. We then build custom menus for you, based on what you’ve told us.
  3. You approve the menus and can see your upcoming meals on your calendar.
  4. We coordinate everything from portions to delivery.
  5. If needed, on-site staff sets up your meal and cleans up.
  6. You and your group enjoy your delicious meal.
  7. You leave feedback, so we can make the next meal even better.
What makes Cater2.me different from other catering services?
Here are a few of the reasons we’re confident you’ll have the best experience with us:
  • Unmatched Variety: We work with 1,000s of taste-tested, hand-curated food vendors.
  • Unmatched Quality Control: We personally interview every food vendor and taste-test their food before bringing them to your group.
  • Adaptable and Flexible Programs: We’ve worked with many of the most successful companies to develop and adapt their meal programs as they’ve grown from sub-30 person startups to 500+ employee organizations.
  • Unmatched Experience: We have over 6 years of experience serving millions of meals to thousands of companies in 11 cities across the country.
  • National Coverage: We offer unique tools to support organizations with national meal needs spanning multiple cities.
  • On-Site Staff: We provide meal coordinators to ensure everything runs smoothly day-of.
  • New Dishes Weekly: We add delicious menu items every week to make sure your meals stay exciting.
  • Unique Meal Concepts: We collaborate with our food partners to develop unique experiences based specifically on your feedback.
  • Personal Concierge: We provide always-on service from a dedicated relationship manager.
  • User-Friendly Technology: We offer an online menu calendar, easy feedback submission, centralized invoicing, online ordering, personal calendar integration, and more.
How do I work with my account manager?
Your local, dedicated account manager works hand-in-hand with you to deliver an exciting — and excitingly easy — meal experience. She plans your meals, ensures that your dietary restrictions are met, reviews your team’s feedback to make each meal better than the last, and is there to help with any issue you may have. Your account manager has an intimate understanding of the food in your city and is passionate about delivering unmatched customer service. She’s here to make your meal amazing and to make you look good.
Which meals can I order?
All of them! We regularly cater breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, happy hours, and everything in between.
What kind of food can I get?
Every type of food! You can get almost any dish or cuisine you can imagine. We offer more than 80 different cuisines, and we add new dishes and chefs every single week.

We work with hundreds of chefs with different backgrounds and specialties. They come from all over the world — Ethiopia, Mazatlan, Tennessee, Vietnam, you name it — and their recipes often have origins tracing as far back as you’re willing to listen.

Banh mi prepared to order? We’ve got the best in the city. BBQ? Our chefs have won awards for it. Argentinean empanadas? Check, and these family recipes have been perfected over generations.
Can I get food from my favorite restaurant through Cater2.me?
Possibly. We work with many of the best restaurants, food trucks, farmer’s market stands, and chefs in your city. We carefully review and taste-test each one to ensure they can deliver on the standards that we — and you — expect.

And we’re constantly growing. We love hearing about hidden gems or well-known favorites that we can add to our community of food providers. Let us know whose food you love by emailing !
Some people in my group have dietary restrictions. Can you accommodate them?
Of course! We can accommodate everyone’s needs, allergies, and restrictions. For example, we can provide meals that are nut-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, egg-free, vegetarian, vegan, paleo, kosher, halal, and more.

Have a gluten-free vegan with a nut allergy on your team? We can consistently bring meals to satisfy him — and every other eater in your group.
Can Cater2.me suggest a great restaurant for my meal?
Yes! That’s what we do best. We’re a group of foodies who enjoy nothing more than sharing our love of food with our customers. We can give you multiple options to choose from, or we can pick for you. If you have a specific cuisine type in mind, let us know.

We can help you put together a themed gala or office party. Need an “Around the World”-themed company gathering or a Cinco de Mayo feast? We can help.

We are also especially good at planning a series of varied meals, so your team lunch isn’t the same every day. Not only do we aim to get you the best food in town, but we personalize it based on your feedback and past likes.
What if I want a specific food truck or restaurant I’ve heard all about? Can Cater2.me get that for me?
Likely, yes! If we’re not already working with them, and they meet our quality standards, we’re more than happy to make your favorite restaurant part of the Cater2.me family. Just email your suggestions to .
Can I choose what I specifically want to order?
Yes! We’re happy to work with you in whatever way you’re most comfortable. The majority of customers ask us to choose meals for them to leverage our expertise and full variety of options. But if you have a hankering for a specific dish or cuisine, we’re happy to provide it.
How do I know there will be enough food?
We’ve served millions of meals to groups of all types and sizes, so we’ve had a lot of experience with portioning. Before anything is delivered to your office, we personally taste and document the portion sizes of each dish - at our offices. We’re confident that we can create the perfect meal for your team.
My Needs
Does Cater2.me only serve businesses?
No. While we primarily serve businesses, any group of 10 or more people can work with us. We’re here to bring people together through food.
Does Cater2.me primarily cater one-time events or regular meals?
Both! We can make any type of meal both delicious and memorable, whether it’s a special occasion or a company-wide daily lunch program.

Some of the benefits we offer are more appealing to groups that have recurring meals, whether that’s a daily lunch or a weekly conference. For example, we add new dishes weekly so recurring meals don’t get boring, and our on-site catering coordinators ensure that larger groups have consistent support at each meal.
Can Cater2.me accommodate special requests?
Yes! Just tell us what you need, and we can make it happen. We’ve provided everything from Thanksgiving dinners for offices to thousands of Jell-O shots for hackathons.
Can I get full-service for an event?
Absolutely! We regularly handle events, from fruit plates and crudité at your office to staffed food and drink stations for a gala event. We are able to provide on-site staff that handles everything from setup to bar service, depending on the size and needs of your event.
Can I get alcohol?
Yes! Whether you need a fully-stocked bar for an event or cocktails and beer for a company happy hour, we can provide it. We can also coordinate bar staff, if needed.
Is Cater2.me For Me?
Which cities does Cater2.me serve?
We currently serve hungry groups in 11 cities: Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, DC. If you have a suggestion for another city we should consider, let us know!
My budget is pretty tight. Can I afford your service?
Let’s give it a shot! We work with clients within a wide range of budgets, and we’ll work to deliver the best possible meals within your budget — by working with a variety of food vendors at a range of price points.

A typical office meal falls in the $10-15 per person range, all inclusive.
Do Ihave to sign a contract to work with Cater2.me?
You are free to work with us in whatever way best suits your company’s needs, schedule, and budget.

If you do wish to have a contract in place, we can work with any fiscal timing or procurement team guidelines. Just send us an email at .
How do I start?
Just fill out our sign-up form, or email us at . We will get back to you immediately to set up world-class meal options for your group.
How to Order
How do I order a meal?
If you haven’t already signed up, click here to get started. If you’re already a customer, you can place an order by signing in to your account. Then, click the “Place an Order” button in the top right corner of your screen. There, you can submit your meal request to us. If you have any other questions, just send us an email  or give us a call .
Can I order meals for different office locations or departments?
Yes! Ordering meals for multiple teams, offices, or cities is easy. You can have meals sent to as many different addresses or floors as you would like.
How much notice do I have to provide before my order? How far in advance can I order?
We welcome the challenge of last-minute requests, though your choices will be more limited closer to the day of the meal or the event.

Customers typically trust us to plan their meals well in advance, so that team members can access the upcoming meals on the online meal calendar. For example, they can get excited about a specific cuisine on their calendars or look forward to a St. Patrick’s Day office party.
How do I change my orders?
Just let us know. Whether you have three new team members, an office visitor with an allergy, or a delay in a meeting time, it’s no problem. We’ll work behind the scenes to make each meal perfect for you.
My Meal
Are utensils, plates, napkins, serving spoons, and tongs provided?
Just let us know what tableware and utensils you need — whether that’s chopsticks, soup bowls, or anything in between. If you have a daily or weekly meal, we’ll document your requests in your account profile to ensure that each meal has the items you need.

If you would like something special, like wire racks and sternos, please let us know. We’ll make sure you’re set up with everything you need for a great meal experience.
What does setup look like?
Food is delivered based on your preferences. We can do anything from a casual drop-off of disposable trays to full setup of chafing dishes and serving utensils. Just let us know what you prefer!

When we set up your meal, we are happy to arrange it in whatever way makes sense for your space and your team. If you don’t have a preferred layout, we will organize the dishes in a way that lets your group get their meals quickly. Each dish will have a label in front of it which provides a brief description and a list of all possible food allergens.
Can I be notified when my order arrives?
Yes! You can receive both email and text notifications. To select how you would like to be notified, log in and click on the menu in the upper left corner. Select “My Profile,” and then click on the “Preferences” tab at the top. There, you can check the boxes to receive emails or (text) notifications.
If there’s a problem with my order, what do I do?
If anything at all is wrong, please let your dedicated account manager know. Whether it’s a missing ingredient or the surprise arrival of additional guests, we can work with you in real-time to fix it. We’re not happy until you’re happy.
How do I give feedback on my meal?
After each meal, you and your team can access the feedback form by signing in. We look forward to your comments on the food, the portioning, and the service. You will also receive a copy of the feedback form via email.

Your dedicated account manager reads every piece of feedback submitted and incorporates it into your next order, so each meal is better than the last!
My Account
Why do I need an online account or login?
An account saves you time by putting all of your catering details in one place. When logged in to your account, you can:
  • See your upcoming meals and add them to your personal work calendar
  • Leave your feedback on a meal
  • Set your group’s payment preferences or view invoices
  • Place new orders
Once I have an account, what do I need to do?
Before your first order, you should set up payment preferences in your account. Just log in and go to the drop-down menu in the upper left corner of the screen. Click on “Invoices & Payments,” and go to the “Payment Preferences” tab. Here, you can add your preferences: the payment method, the email addresses that should be CCed on invoices, the department billing number, and the tip amount (if appropriate).
Can I order online?
If you’ve ordered with us before, then yes. Just log in and then, click the “Place an Order” button in the top right corner of your screen. There, you can submit your meal request to us. You will hear back from us quickly, as you normally would, with menu options.
Can I see my company meals on my work calendar?
Yes! You and your team can see your upcoming meals in both Google and Outlook calendars.

To set that up, just log in to your account and select the “Calendar” view in the middle of your screen. There, you will see your orders for the week or month. Under the month and year views, there is the option to “share calendar.” Click the link, and follow the instructions on how to sync your calendar.
Is the price I am quoted the final one? Or are there additional charges or fees?
There are no additional fees or markups. The price on your menu is the price you pay. All of the planning, food, delivery, set up, utensils, staff, and follow-up is included.
How do I pay for my meals?
You can pay by company credit card, personal credit card, check, or direct deposit (ACH). We do not accept personal checks or cash.
Can I pay for a specific order using a different credit card than the one on file?
Yes. Your account manager can help set up new payment methods for specific orders. Different departments or locations of one company can pay using different methods.
When will I receive my bill?
You will be emailed one clear, concise bill for all of the meals you enjoyed over the course of a calendar month. We invoice monthly for all orders that occurred in the previous month. For example, if you have a meal during May, you will be billed for the order during the first week of June.

You can also access all current and past itemized invoices any time by logging in.
Can I get an estimate of next month’s bill?
Yes. Your account manager can provide you with an estimate of the projected bill at any time. And if you have recurring meals with us, you can be confident that we are already working within the budget you have provided us.
Are tips included in my order?
Tips are at your discretion. You can choose: we can either ensure that tips are taken out of the total budget you indicate, or you can indicate a tip for each specific meal. Our food vendors receive 100% of the gratuity added to an order.

The majority of our customers leave a pre-set tip for all meals. Just tell your dedicated account manager what dollar amount or percentage you would like to set, or indicate it in your payment preferences. You can also tip on a meal-by-meal basis through the feedback form you receive after each meal. Alternatively, you can also add tips when you receive your invoice at the end of the month.

Have a question about billing that isn’t answered here? Just email .
Have more questions?
We’d love to answer them!
Just email  or complete the form on our Contact page.