What is Cater2.me?
Cater2.me is on a mission to connect companies and groups with the local food scene in your city and make bland, boring work meals a thing of the past. No longer are you only able to read about the hottest chefs and food startups while at work – Cater2.me is bringing them into your offices and homes. Whether it's lunch for 60 Tuesdays and Thursdays or an event for 400, we’ll get you fed and create a memorable meal experience for your team in the process.
How does Cater2.me work?
Cater2.me was built with service in mind. You tell us your needs once, up front, and we handle all details of your group meal, from selecting curated vendors to putting together menus customized to your needs to handling all communication, logistics, customer service and billing. Our team of dedicated account managers is at your beck and call to make all of your group meal requests possible so your team can easily gather around a common table to share a meal together.
What does an order from Cater2.me look like?
Orders from Cater2.me come in all shapes and sizes, but a typical meal is designed to be an easy, complete meal for you and your team. Our vendors prepare dishes family style and provide all paper ware, utensils, serving ware, labels and menus for quick and easy self-service. However, if you require full-service or have any other needs, just ask your account manager.
So I know I can get lunch, but what about breakfast / dinner / happy hours / meetings?
Yep, all of that and more. As long as it involves food, we’re on it. Ok, maybe not a reenactment of the dinner scene from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, but you get the picture. Just ask your account manager, we love putting together unique meal options for you.
Hmm, so do you serve just businesses or individuals as well?
Our primary client base is businesses, but we serve any group of 10 people or more. Have a wedding, baby shower or tailgate that you want catered? We’d love to help out.
That sounds awesome, where can I get Cater2.me?
Cater2.me is currently available in the San Francisco Bay Area, New York City, Chicago, Washington DC, Boston and Austin. We’re rapidly expanding and hope to be in your city soon. If you want the Cater2.me magic, send us a note at contact@cater2.me and tell us where you are.
Ok, you got me. How do I sign up?!?!
Woohoo! You’re a couple quick steps away from experiencing Cater2.me for yourself. Give us your contact info (through our homepage, Contact page, or by emailing contact@cater2.me) and one of our account reps will get back to you within minutes, will ask a few questions about your needs and we’ll do the rest, setting up world class meal options for you and your team.


I want meals every day for the team, can you do that?
Absolutely, that’s our bread and butter. We’ll create a long-term schedule of meals that fits all of your needs, ensures amazing variety and stays within your budget. We take all of the hassle out of ordering regular meals for your team, handling all logistics, communication and customer service with the vendors on your behalf.
I only need a meal every once in a while, can you do that?
If regular meals are our bread and butter, one-off meals are the glass of milk that washes it down (all of this food talk is making me hungry). Whether you have an executive meeting, a last minute breakfast request or a large offsite event, our account managers know which vendors are ready to help with your one-off meal needs at a moment’s notice.
How do I place an order?
Our team is here for you 24/7 to help with all of your order needs. Give us a call, send us an email, write a telegram (ok, maybe no telegrams) and your dedicated account manager will set up your order ASAP.
How do I make sure my team will like the meal and there will be enough for everyone (including our roving band of raw, gluten free, paleo vegans)?
We’ve served millions and millions of meals to companies of all shapes and sizes, so we’re confident that we can create the perfect meal for everyone on your team. All you have to do is tell us how many people you have, what dietary needs and preferences we need to account for and what your budget is and we’ll create custom menus that are sure to wow you.
I need to change an order, is that OK?
Of course! Whether you want to change a dish, up the headcount, add more vegetarian options or any other manner of change, let us know what you want and we’ll work behind the scenes to make it perfect for you.
Oh no, something’s wrong with the order, what do I do?
At Cater2.me, we’re a pack of punctilious perfectionists and we strive to make every order perfect. From our in-depth vendor vetting and onboarding process to our tried and true operational procedures, we’ve created a system designed to make your meal experience as smooth as possible. However, mistakes do happen, meals are sometimes late or something just isn’t right. In most cases, your account manager has already discussed the issue with the vendor and is working on a solution. If you discover something, give us a call and we’ll make it right, guaranteed. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy.
The meal was awesome! Can I leave feedback?
We love feedback, it’s the best way for us to make every meal better. We send you a feedback reminder after every meal or you can access the feedback form on your online dashboard. Of course, you can always call or email us directly, we love hearing from you!

Food and vendors

Do you make all of this wonderful food?
We wish we were that talented, but nope, we don’t do the cooking. We leave that to the experts, our network of local restaurants, food trucks, caterers and chefs, representing the best of all manner of cuisines and food types.
Who delivers, you or the vendors?
Each vendor delivers their own food directly to your table. But they’re not alone. Our team of account managers is behind the scenes, coordinating and tracking every delivery. We also manage their capacity, ensuring they’re capable of delivering on time, every time. This dynamic duo ensures the best possible service for each and every meal.
What restaurants do you work with?
We work with a wide array of the best local restaurants, food trucks, farmers market purveyors, chefs and caterers in each of our cities. Talk to your account manager and they can chat at length about these incredible food partners.
Can you suggest a great restaurant for my meal?
That’s what we do best. We’re a group of foodies who enjoy nothing more than to share our love of food with our clients. We’ll give you multiple options to choose from or we can pick for you if you’d like. If you have a specific cuisine type in mind, let us know and we’ll recommend the best in the city for you.
What if I want a specific food truck or restaurant I’ve heard all about? Can you get that for me?
If we’re not already working with them and they meet our quality standards, we’re more than happy to reach out to your favorite restaurant to make them part of the Cater2.me family. We love your suggestions; let us know by giving us a call or emailing us at contact@cater2.me!
Can we choose what we specifically want to order?
While the majority of our clients want us to choose their meals for them, we’re happy to work with you in whatever way you’re most comfortable. If you have a hankering for a specific dish, let your account manager know and they’ll get it on the menu for you.
Will the vendor bring utensils and paper ware? What about serving spoons and tongs?
We’ll make sure you’re all set up with whatever you need for a seamless meal experience, including all eating and serving ware, detailed labels and menus.
I need full-service for an event, can your vendors provide that?
Absolutely. We regularly handle events from fruit plates and crudité for a happy hour to multiple staffed, onsite food and drink stations for a gala event. Talk to your account manager about your needs and we’ll handle all of the details with our team of top-notch caterers.

Cost and Payment

My budget is pretty tight, can I afford Cater2.me?
Our team of talented account managers strives to get you the best possible meal within your budget. By working with a variety of vendors at a range of price points, we can put together anything from desserts for a team birthday celebration for few dollars per person to high-budget, full-service affairs. A typical meal through us falls in the $10-15 per person range, all inclusive.
How do I pay you?
We invoice you on a monthly basis, ensuring you get one clear, concise bill for all orders you enjoyed over the course of the calendar month. You can pay by personal or company credit card, check or direct deposit. If you have any questions, shoot a note to our Billing team at billing@cater2.me.
How do I add a tip?
You can tip your delivery driver for their wonderful service in a few different ways. The majority of our clients either leave a pre-set tip for all meals (tell your account manager what dollar amount or percentage you’d like to set) or on a meal-by-meal basis through the feedback form, which we send after each meal. Alternatively, you can also add tips when you receive your invoice at the end of the month or you can always give cash to the delivery person upon delivery.