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The Safety Standard

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The health of your employees is our top priority. takes every precaution to ensure you enjoy great meals while reducing safety risks.

Our Safety Standard encompasses processes and procedures across our staff, vendors, and on-site coordinators to make sure all aspects of your meals are considered.

Safety first, from start to finish

Vendor Partners

We vet our vendor partners for quality and hold them to strict safety and sanitation requirements before they provide meals to any of our clients.

Streamlined Delivery

We instruct vendors to follow social distancing guidelines and share client-specific dropoff points to limit clients’ exposure to different couriers in their office.

Meal Setup

Individually wrapped meals and utensils make for easy pickup, helping prevent congested spaces in the office, and simplify breakdown and cleanup.

On-Site Staff

Our on-site staff receive specialized safety and sanitation training to ensure they’re equipped to maintain a safe and clean environment.


Health and Safety Standards

Local Guidelines & Enforcement

Our vendor partners are required to comply with all local health guidelines, adding an extra layer of policies and enforcement outside of

Symptom Policy

Our vendors, staff, and on-site coordinators are not allowed to work if exhibiting any symptoms of illness.

7-Point Order Checklist

For each order, vendors and on-site staff receive a printable confirmation sheet with a 7-point checklist with detailed instructions for preparation, delivery, and setup, ensuring all client information is communicated effectively and consistently.

Allergen Verification

Our vendor partners are required to review allergen information prior to preparing and delivering food.

Health Department Record

We do systematic checks for vendor health grades and allow only those vendors achieving top grades to prepare meals for clients.

Crowdsourced Rating Check

We regularly review online crowdsourced ratings of vendors to ensure that a general consensus of quality is maintained.

Taste-Tested Vendors

We personally taste each vendor's food and provide feedback for quality, particularly with respect to deliverability.

Leveraged Client Feedback

We leverage feedback across our entire client network to gain insight into vendor quality and performance. If a vendor doesn't perform adequately at one site, we consider that feedback when planning for other clients.

Specialized Training

On-site staff are required to undergo specialized hygiene, safety, and sanitation training and to wear masks, gloves, and clean uniforms at all times during service.

Focus on Sanitation

Our team sanitizes food service areas and equipment throughout service and will remove meal-related trash to a designated location following the meal.

Familiar Faces

We always attempt to provide consistent staffing at your site to reduce the number of different people in your office.

Individually Wrapped Meals

Across all of our markets, we have worked with vendors to develop custom boxed meal options so that every client has access to individually wrapped meals and utensils.

No-Contact Deliveries

Our on-site team can facilitate no-contact deliveries by meeting the vendor in a designated space away from your team or even outside of your office.

Single-Vendor Programs

We can plan your program with a single full-service caterer who can provide variety to your meals while limiting the number of people involved with the preparation and delivery of your meals.

Equipment Enhancements

We can provide plexiglass shields, utensil dispensers, social distancing markers, and custom signage based on your office’s specific needs.