has been in the Big Apple for a month now. We’re dressing differently, walking a lot faster, and even have some Yiddish in our vocabulary. Oy vey

NYC Restaurant Week is now over, but don’t despair: there is never a shortage of excuses to celebrate. Here are this week’s foodie happenings in New York:

NYC skyline

This week is Julia Child’s 100th Birthday! To honor her special day, restaurants across the country are serving dishes inspired by her classic recipes.

Then, on Thursday night between 6 pm and 8 pm, you can grab a free spiked ice from Bottlerocket Wine & Spirit. If that doesn’t fill your liquor and sugar craving, then head over to Top Hops Beer Shop, where beer and Van Leeuwen ice will be paired and sampled. We suspect that beer tastes great with everything.

Finally, this Saturday is the last installment of Summer Streets and your last opportunity to experience a car-less Manhattan, at least for a day. After a morning of walking, running, rollerblading, biking, or scootering, treat yourself at the Whole Foods Market City Picnic.

Enjoy your week!