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Tomato Adventures in NYC

Ben Lauzier

August 20, 2012


This week in New York is full of foodie adventures with tomatoes. If you have Lycopersicoa phobia, this week is not for you! This ambiguous piece of produce is featured in a couple of great events. Apparently, tomatoes are more than just a fairly effective assault weapon and critique method. They’re actually edible and quite delicious! Who knew?

Tomato Fest

Explore your local farmers market and find yourself amazed by the endless variety found in tomatoes. If that’s not enough, on Tuesday afternoon come to Fort Washington Green Market to test your tomato knowledge with Heirlooms are Here!

Join Chef Russell Moss on Wednesday evening at 92Y Tribeca for Culinary Happy Hour. Enjoy some great cocktails, food, and company. This week’s topic? You guessed it: Greenmarket Greens: A Tomato Primer.

Finish off the week with FSNYC’s Annual Tomato Fest and the first Great Tomato Un-Cookoff on Sunday afternoon at New Amsterdam Market. Come watch as chefs compete and make sure their dishes, not their faces, turn bright red.




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