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Hot Cocktails For Cold Nights

Ben Lauzier

November 1, 2012


November is here, along with the start of truly chilly weather. But New York City is still ready to entertain. Waiting at frigid subway stations is easier if you’re heading to a bar for a hot cocktail. Here are three concoctions that are perfect if you want an adult beverage that makes you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside:


1) Hot Black And Blue Cider at 230 Fifth

230 Fifth is a year-round rooftop bar in Chelsea. When temperatures drop, the staff hauls heat lamps onto the deck. They also provide patrons with complimentary red hooded robes that make the wearer look like a Little Red Riding Hood cult member. Along with killer views of the Empire State Building, they also have a ‘Winter Imbibes’ menu with an assortment of hot cocktails. The Hot Black and Blue Cider, made with Blackberry Cider and Stoli Bluberi Vodka, is an excellent choice. Mixing the berry cider with sweet vodka makes it reminiscent of a baked blueberry pie.


2) Hot Toddy at Hotel Delmano

Hotel Delmano is a broody, retro-chic bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Grab a booth under a diffused chandelier, and ask the waitress for a hot toddy. (The order requires no other specifications; in fact, its not even on the menu.) You’ll get a steaming drink made from fresh lemons, kettle water, whiskey, and a dash of honey. While sampling it, try not to fixate on the stares of mounted wall portraits. They’re just jealous because they can’t have a sip.

Mocha Drink

3) Mocha Madness at Max Brenner

Max Brenner, with locations in Union Square and Greenwich Village, tends to be a popular destination for the tourist crowd. But his craft can’t be argued: the bald man knows his chocolate. That’s why his restaurant’s spiked coffee is so delicious. The Mocha Madness cocktail combines freshly-brewed espresso with Kahlua, milk, and dark chocolate, making for a buzzed, decadent mouth feel. After polishing off a mug, you may be giddy enough to buy a gift shop item.


Happy drinking!




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