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Hurricane Sandy Shows the Power of Food

Ben Lauzier

November 10, 2012

TBD has seen first-hand what can happen when people are given good food. The meals we provide don’t just fill our clients up. They are the fuel that drives innovation, the dishes that foster community, and the symbiotic link that builds local sustainability.

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, there are still many New Yorkers who are without the basics, including nourishment. Because we know the power of good food, we’re certain that relief efforts centered on providing meals for displaced citizens will have a profound impact. Here are several food donation initiatives currently circulating that still need your help:


Brooklyn Recovery Fund

Allison and Matt Robicelli, owners of Bay Ridge bakery Robicelli’s, have been working to organize food and supplies for their neighborhood. In addition to individual efforts relayed daily on their Twitter feed, the couple also endorses the Brooklyn Recover Fund on their blog.

New York City Food Truck Association

The New York City Food Truck Association has partnered with the NYC Mayor’s Fund to facilitate hot food drop-offs in Manhattan, Queens, and Long Island neighborhoods that were impacted by Hurricane Sandy.  The locations and hours of food trucks are available on’s website. People can continue contributing funds towards the project on


City Harvest and Mets

The Mets, New York’s major league baseball team, are partnering with City Harvest to ask fans for non-perishable food donations. On November 14, from 9 am to 5 pm, you can drop off canned goods at Citi Field’s Hodges VIP entrance. Needed items include canned fruit and vegetables, plastic jars of peanut butter, packages of hot or cold cereal, and boxes of macaroni & cheese.


Feeding America

Feeding America is a national organization that has affiliated food banks scattered throughout the United States. The nonprofit has been organizing supplies for New Yorkers since the beginning of Hurricane Sandy. They’ve even started a secondary wave of distribution in response to additional damage caused by the no’easter snowstorm on Monday. To find a Feeding America food bank near you, visit their Hurricane Sandy page.


We’ve ended past posts with “stay hungry!” This time, we’re saying, “stay hopeful, New York!” We’re part of an amazing state that has perfected the art of bouncing back.




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