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Festive Foodie Gift Ideas

Ben Lauzier

December 5, 2012


It’s the most wonderful time of the year: a time in which family, friends, and significant others gather to exchange presents. While gift-receiving is generally awesome, gift giving can often be stressful. Have no fear: as your official foodie ambassador, we’re here to solve your conundrums with some great gift ideas. These solutions are aimed at people who cook, bake, or just enjoy eating.


Here are solutions to three common gifting challenges:


1) You’re Broke

If real life were a cartoon, moths would float out of your pockets when they are turned inside out. Your bank account only recently hit triple digits, and December could put you in the hole yet again. Fortunately, with a thrifty mind-set and a little creativity, you can still give inexpensive DIY foodie gifts that are bound to impress.

Does your recipient have an old fashioned sweet tooth? Why not make them a S’mores Kit? Buy clear acetate boxes. Fill each separately with a stack of marshmallows, chocolate bars, and graham crackers.  For a charming final touch, tie them together with a length of baker’s twine.

Another innovative DIY idea that’s perfect for caffeine junkies is a Glitterized Starbucks Cup. Simply pull apart the interior cavity of the cup, spray the outside with adhesive, and layer with glitter. Next time he or she gets an iced latte, they’ll feel like a diva while sipping.


2) You Don’t Know The Recipient

Your office had a Secret Santa exchange, and you managed to get Whats Her Name, that girl from Accounting? The one with the fringe bangs? In cases such as these, it’s best to veer towards utilitarian versus personal. Give that guy or girl something that’s linked to a purpose. The Collapsible To-Go Lunchbox is made from flexible silicon and comes with embedded utensils, making it easy to pocket a meal. A unique kitchen tool is also an ideal pick. Items like Williams Sonoma’s Bird-Shaped Juicer take the grunt work out of squeezing lemons and look so darn cute perched on a windowsill.


3) The Recipient Already Has Everything

Rich Uncle Jerry can always be counted on to supply a fat birthday check, but when it comes time to reciprocate, you’re helpless. What can you buy a man who routinely vacations to Cabo and has topiaries dotting his lawn? So, purchase him an experience!

Comb your local daily deals sites, and buy him a voucher for a Brunch Cooking Class where he can master the art of egg poaching or Bloody Mary cocktail mixing. If he’s a Bill Gates type with philanthropic leanings, you might also want to look into organizations like Heifer International that offer charitable gift packages during the holidays.





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