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Holiday Movie Foodie Moments

Ben Lauzier

December 10, 2012


Holiday meals aren’t just in our homes: they’re also all over our TV screens. These scenes make us laugh and inspire a kid-like appetite for the way life used to be. There are so many great holiday movie clips that revolve around food. Here are our picks for the four most memorable “holiday movie foodie moments:”


1) Christmas Vacation

Chevy Chase is Clark Griswold, a chipper husband and father who can’t catch a break. Hillbilly relatives have parked themselves in his backyard, his end-of-year bonus check has yet to arrive, and the family’s epic outdoor light display has malfunctioned. Despite Clark’s mounting troubles, he is excited by the prospect of digging into a delicious feast. That is, until the turkey spontaneously deflates, revealing its dry, grayish interior:


2) White Christmas

Bing Crosby and Danny Kayne star as Bob Wallace and Phil Davis, former army buddies turned entertainers. They encounter the Haynes sisters, another singing duo, while aboard a train bound north. Bob and Phil are charmed by the women and immediately invite themselves along on their trip to Vermont. As they contemplate the wintry weather that awaits them, the food being prepared in the dining car and the booth’s place settings begin to mimic snow:

3) Elf

Will Ferrell plays Buddy, an elf in search of his true identity. Buddy’s search for his real parents leads him away from the shelter of the North Pole and out into the busy streets of New York. His earnest attempts to adapt to the big city fall short of normal more often than not. Buddy’s found family struggles equally with how to cope with his chronic naivety and propensity for sweets, as illustrated by this syrup-spaghetti combination:

4) A Christmas Story

Jean Shepherd’s memories of growing up in the suburbs of Indiana in the 1940s are the inspiration for this movie. Shepard’s fictional stand-in for his younger self is Ralphie. We follow Ralphie on his quest to properly convince Santa and his Mother that he should receive a Red Ryder BB Gun for Christmas. Along the way, we meet his younger brother Randy, a chronically picky eater who hates meatloaf:

What is your favorite holiday movie? Let us know in the comments!




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