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10gen: Hungry Startup of the Month

Addie Stuber

February 14, 2013


We continue to be amazed by the innovators we have the privilege of feeding every week. Take 10gen, a New York City startup that ‘s transforming the landscape of database integration as we know it. We had a chance to ask this hungry startup what keeps their gears grinding. Their response? Chocolate covered pretzels with a good dose of dedication. Read the full interview below:

10gen catering

What is 10gen?

10gen is the company behind MongoDB, the NoSQL database that’s reshaping the market because of its agile and scalable approach for developers and IT professionals.


If 10gen was a dish, what would it be and why?

Paella. Or Bibimbap. Something spicy, hearty, and substantial, with diverse ingredients!


If we were to crack open your staff fridge right now, what would we find inside?

So MUCH Diet Coke, multiple types of hummus, varieties of Greek yogurt, string cheese, and, of course, beer.


Aside from your staff’s preferred foods, what is fueling your office?

Dedication, amazing teamwork, Asher chocolate-covered pretzels, Diet Coke, and oceans of Stumptown coffee.


Why did 10gen decide to provide meals for its employees? How has it shaped your company culture for the better?

Our team lunches began when we were a 15-person company, and took place every Friday as a cool little weekly perk. Lunch is the perfect opportunity for the entire office to hang out, since everyone is typically so busy. It’s really nice to have an in-house group meal, whether you’re eating at your desk and working, or sitting with a group of co-workers going back for seconds. Everyone is included. Plus, the leftovers are a really good bonus.


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