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NYC Eats For St. Patrick’s Day

Addie Stuber

March 5, 2013


St. Patrick’s Day is March 17th! Even if you don’t happen to have a drop of Irish blood flowing through your veins, there’s no reason you can’t sample the best Irish food. New York City has an awesome assortment of eats and drinks that are St. Patty’s Day-appropriate. Here are our top three recommendations, depending on how ‘green’ you want to go:

Drink a Brooklyn Dry Irish Stout

The Brooklyn Brewery recently re-issued its seasonal Dry Irish Stout. The beer is only available through March. The stout is brewed on-site, where the grains are roasted in a manner similar to coffee beans. Then, they’re combined with caramel, black barley, and flaked raw barley to give the beer a chocolatey, coffee-like flavor. Contrary to popular belief, this particular type of stout is one of the lightest brews available on tap and also contains the fewest amount of calories. That’s why it’s been dubbed a “session pint:” a beer that one could drink continuously during a long stint at a bar. Enjoy your own glass at Brooklyn Brewery’s Williamsburg location or use their website’s search feature to find a store that stocks the brew.

Eat a Tuck Shop Meat Pie

Tuck Shop is an Aussie-inspired eatery. However, its founders are originally from Ireland and have infused their heritage into their shop. They’ve added an assortment of savory hand-held meat pies to the menus. The best of the bunch is the traditional Guinness Steak and Mushroom Pie, seasoned with horseradish gravy and green peppercorn. If you prefer a leaner cut of meat, sample the Lamb Shank and Veg Pie, which is marinated with a hint of mint. Best of all, Tuck Shop only cooks with all-natural ingredients and sources its meat from a local organic farm. You can purchase their pies at select locations, including Chelsea Market.

Visit Molly’s Shebeen

Walking inside Molly’s Shebeen is like stepping into a Dublin pub. Its traditional decor includes a log-burning fireplace and sawdust-coated floors. The bar was originally established in 1895. During Prohibition, it operated as a grocery store. Since then, the establishment has changed hands between multiple Irish owners and has become renowned in Gramercy for its authentic atmosphere and corned beef and cabbage.


Whether St. Patrick’s Day leads you to dress like an adult-sized leprechaun or try one of our suggestions, may the wind be at your back and the sun shine warm upon your face.




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