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NYC’s Rooftop Bars

Addie Stuber

May 1, 2013


Warm weather does a number on people’s normal routines. Suddenly, activities appear infinitely better if performed while basking in a warm patch of sunshine. Eating and drinking is especially sublime when done al fresco. New York City doesn’t have much in the way of nature, but what it lacks in greenery, it makes up for with sidewalk cafes and rooftop bars. The next time you’re in search of some fresh air in NYC, check out one of these local establishments:


No Name Bar (Greenpoint, Brooklyn)

No Name Bar is an elusive haunt that has managed to become popular despite its name. Its splintered exterior doesn’t look like much from the street. The true wow factor comes from the backyard: it’s a grassy lot studded with wire frame chairs and a gigantic Dogwood tree. At night, the staff lights paper lanterns that dangle from the tree’s branches, casting a dreamy glow on neighborhood drinkers. Standard cocktails are served, as well as a slew of decently-priced local beer. Recently, No Name also added Korean food to its menu. Owner Jessic Wertz created a menu inspired by her mom’s cooking that includes traditional, superbly-executed classics like bibimbap, mandoo dumplings, and doshirak.


Le Bain (East Village)

Le Bain pretty much has it all. Situated on the roof of The Standard Hotel, right next to The High Line Park, the penthouse establishment offers glittering views of the Hudson River. By day, visitors can lounge on prickly AstroTurf or kitschy lawn furniture while nibbling on crepes from a nearby stand. At night, Le Bain turns into a thumping discotheque, complete with world famous DJs, a plunge pool, sprawling dance floors, and a state of the art sound system. Celebrities have been known to frequent Le Bain, so if you do go, be prepared to look fabulous but coolly disinterested.


Berry Park (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

Berry Park is a gigantic brick cube divided into two levels. Level one is a spacious bar with high ceilings, Banksy-esque murals and a projection screen that is frequently used to broadcast soccer matches. Level two is an equally vast rooftop hangout that contains an assortment of picnic benches, shrubbery, and faux street lamps. If you are in the mood for a frozen drink, Berry Park stocks Kelvin Slush, an assortment of ‘adult’ (read: alcoholic) slushies. The best of the bunch is the Dark n Stormy, a blend of ginger slush and dark Jamaican rum. Brunch is served seven days a week, as is an assortment of tasty shared plates, like truffle fries and rosemary-spiced nuts.

Whether you decide to steal away to a secret garden or climb a couple of stories, make sure to treat yo’self and take in some rays!




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