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The Unofficial Ice Cream Guide

Addie Stuber

July 8, 2013


Summer is heating up on both the East and the West coast! Instead of cranking the air conditioning 24/7, we recommend grabbing a scoop of your favorite ice cream. There’s nothing better to cool your appetite – whether it’s in a cone, in a cup, on a stick, slathered in chocolate sauce, or dotted with rainbow sprinkles.

We scoured New York City’s and San Francisco’s ice cream spots – to bring you our local picks. Below, you’ll find categories organized by two different criteria. ‘Popular Choice’ refers to all-around crowd-pleasers, while ‘Cult Classics’ denotes those with a niche following.

Be the first to tweet @Cater2me with three pictures from three of our locations, and we’ll arrange a freebie ice cream order for your entire team! We’re excited to see your favorites!



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