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Delicious Halloween Costumes and Contest

Addie Stuber

October 8, 2013


Halloween is a couple of weeks away! Each year, hardcore celebrators have the pressure of coming up with a new getup that is original, timely, or funny. While most of your friends might be dressing up as Miley Cyrus at the VMAs or Breaking Bad‘s Walter White, we would like to direct your attention to another source of inspiration: your kitchen.

There are so many fun costumes ideas to be had when food is the topic of choice. Here are several delicious Halloween outfit suggestions that will help you win the respect of party goers and maybe snag a costume contest prize in the process.

Dominique Ansel

Dominique Ansel is the baker behind the Cronut, a croissant and doughnut hybrid that has taken New York City hostage and prompted many imitators. Though it has been months since its initial release, Cronut-mania has not subsided.

To channel the Cronut’s famous creator, you will need to find a basic white chef’s jacket. Carry around a folded gold box, wrapped in plastic chains and a padlock. Then, approach people and ask in a French accent if they would like to try a Cronut. When they respond enthusiastically, tell them that the wait is four hours. Everyone will know exactly who you are!

Shoyu Ramen Burger

Shoyu Ramen Burgers are an innovative spin-off created for Brooklyn’s Smorgasburg by Chef Keizo Shimamoto. The burger consists of a beef patty, arugula, scallions, a secret sauce, and a bun made out of fried Ramen noodles.

For this costume, prepared for DIY construction. First, take two large pieces of foam core, and cut them into two equally sized circles. Paint the circles bright yellow and hot glue thick off-white roping onto one side of each. Hot glue pieces of green felt along edges of other sides to look like lettuce. Fashion these two circles into a sandwich board, with the yellow/rope side facing outward. The sandwich board will act as your Ramen bun. Wear a brown shirt and a pair of brown pants to imitate the meat patty interior.

Boom! You are now Smorgaburg’s biggest celebrity.

Gluten-Free Singles

Living a gluten-free lifestyle can seem lonely at times. Thankfully, a new dating website has popped up that helps individuals bond romantically over their mutual aversion to bread: is “a welcoming place…where you never have to feel awkward or a burden because you are gluten-free.”

Couples can double up on creating this costume. Take a screenshot of the upper half of’s homepage and have it printed via large format printer. Mount the print onto cardboard or poster board, and cut out the square-shaped couple portrait on the upper left hand side of the page. You and your partner can stand behind the cut out square and act as a stand in for the chipper, gluten-free pair. Smile! You’re a match made in wheat-free heaven.

Milk Mustache

For the hipsters at heart, we offer a minimal investment option: be a Milk Mustache. Dress in your regular clothes and use white face paint to make a splotch across your upper lip. Carry around a glass that has been coated with white spray paint three quarters of the way up. That’s your cup of milk. Look ma, no effort!

Whether you end up taking one of our costume suggestions or not, we want to see pictures from your office’s Halloween party!

Tweet your best pictures @Cater2me with the hashtag #treatsnottricks by October 29th. Our favorite submission will receive a spooky surprise, on us!
Charlie Brown Halloween



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