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How to Feed Your Community

Addie Stuber

November 6, 2013


We recently announced NYC’s partnership with the Bowery Mission. Now, all of our Manhattan-based clients have the opportunity to donate their meal leftovers to the Bowery by requesting a free, same-day pickup!

We are working on developing similar food donation partnerships in all of our sister cities. As these relationships are solidified, we will be sure to keep you informed. In the meantime, here are a few excellent food donation resources in each of our other cities that you should check out!


San Francisco Food Bank

(415) 282-1900 or
The San Francisco Food Bank is a well-known neighborhood staple that has been fighting hunger since 1988. The nonprofit offers non-perishable food donation drop-off points all throughout the Bay Area. Here is a full list of locations. They also make it easy for offices to organize an on-site food donation drive. For instructions on how to register your company’s food drive, receive collection barrels, and set a collections date, go here.


DC Central Kitchen

(202) 234-0707 or
DC Central Kitchen covers the full spectrum of poverty and hunger. They do this by not only preparing and distributing hot meals to the homeless, but also equipping unemployed individuals with the skills necessary to start a career in the culinary arts. They are currently accepting donations that will be used to prepare 5,000 Thanksgiving dinner meals for clients living in shelters, transitional homes, and rehabilitation clinics. Additionally, DC Central Kitchen is looking for individuals to help donate and prepare healthy snacks for low income children through their Healthy Returns program.


Greater Chicago Food Depository

(773) 247-FOOD or
The Greater Chicago Food Depository has a network of 650 pantries. In 2012 alone, it provided 66 million pounds of shelf-stable foods, which is the equivalent of 150,000 meals per day. Besides the traditional means of donating supplies or volunteering for a nutrition program, you can also have a Virtual Food Drive. This unique option eliminates the logistical issues associated with collecting.


Stay tuned to see how we’re expanding the good food movement to offices and beyond!



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