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Now Feeding Boston!

Alex Lorton

March 3, 2014


Boston office catering has slowly been making its way down the East Coast, ready to answer the call of hungry teams. We want to change the way that offices eat for the better. Last spring, we were thrilled to announce our presence in Washington D.C. Now, we are pleased to add Boston to the roster of cities we are serving.


Boston’s food scene is as iconic as its accent. First and foremost is the revered seafood: lobster and clam chowder – pronounced lobstah or chowdah. They’re so fresh, they give new meaning to the term “sea to table.” After clearing your plate, dessert choices are just as difficult to narrow down. However, most settle on a slice of Boston Cream Pie or a Cannoli from the North End.

There is a feeling of possibility and innovation that hangs in the air, ready to be harnessed by young, ambitious go-getters in life – and in food. People are hungry for new types of experimentation and cuisine that’s anything but typical.

Our Boston catering team has been hard at work partnering with the very best in local pop ups, chefs, eateries, and food trucks. The city gives creative reign to a class of up-and-coming food makers like Stephanie Cmar and Kristen Kish. A couple of recent noteworthy additions include Pennypacker’s Fine Foods, Thai North, and Kupel’s Bakery.

  • Pennypacker’s is one of Boston’s first food trucks! It’s known for its hyper-local approach. Though the menu varies daily based on what’s in season, the amazing Porchetta Sandwich is a constant, due to the fan base it has generated.
  • Another partner we are excited about is award-winning Thai North, a husband and wife team that were the recipients of Boston Magazine‘s 2013 ‘Best of  Boston’ prize in the Thai food category.
  • Perhaps the most iconic addition to the bunch is Kupel’s Bakery. Kupel’s opened in Brookline in 1978 and has since become known for its Kosher fare and its fresh-baked bagels.

Whether you’re a Red Sox fan or a startup, you can get started with us by emailing We can’t wait to feed you!



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