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Food on a Stick: Tasty AND Handy

Christina Girgis

March 28, 2014


March 28th is national Something on a Stick Day! Naturally, we’ve decided to honor this under-appreciated holiday by compiling a list of our favorite foods that are as easy-to-eat as they are yummy.

From corn dogs and popsicles to candy apples and cotton candy, many of our childhood favorites are served on a stick. The variety of foods found on a stick go beyond typical fair treats and shish kebabs though. Chances are if you can eat it, you can stick it. We’ve seen pancakes, watermelon and goat cheese salad, and even pizza on a stick.

Here are some team favorites from our amazing vendors:


Banana on a Stick

“I have a serious sweet tooth, so I would definitely have to say that a dark chocolate banana with walnuts is my favorite food on a stick. Forbidden Fruit serves half a banana on a stick and dips it into delicious chocolate that hardens up into a shell. Before it hardens up though, they sprinkle it with chopped walnuts to add some crunch! This dessert is super tasty, and I love that I can still consider it somewhat healthy!” Carolina Lee, New York, Operations Team



Doughnut Holes and Fondue

“My favorite food on a stick is the doughnut fondue from Glazed and Infused. They have melt-in-your-mouth doughnut holes with freshly prepared glazes and a variety of sweet and savory toppings. They even have gluten-free options. Count me in!” Colin Bohan, Chicago, Vendor Team


Shish Kebabs

“Upon first hearing that we were signing on a vendor named, Krazi Kebob, I was excited. Visions of perfectly-marinated beef danced in my head. Naturally, part of what is so compelling about the food we eat are the stories we associate with it; the memories that each bite so effortlessly dislodges from the recesses of our thoughts. Krazi Kebob’s juicy beef kebabs are the perfect catalyst to hearken me back to sitting quietly with my grandfather, sharing the first kebab I ever tasted. Whether you have childhood stories waiting to be remembered, or you simply love deliciously marinated and cooked beef, Krazi Kebob will no doubt leave a lasting impression.” Garrett Cottrell, Washington, D.C., Operations Team


La Luna Cupcake Pops

“Cake pops. They are portioned so small, which relieves a bit of the guilt I have when eating a big ol’ piece of triple chocolate 3-layer cake. And, they can easily be eaten on the go! A good friend of mine owns her own bakery, Sweets by Millie, in Louisville, KY, and prior to meeting her I’d never heard of a cake pop. Since then, it has changed my life; for better or for worse is still being determined! Here in the Bay, I get my cake pop fix from La Luna Cupcakes. The cake is so moist, and the owner does a great job decorating them. They’re almost too cute to eat. Almost…” Schaeffer Arnold, San Francisco, Sales Team


Bacon on a Stick
“There is nothing better than the smell of bacon in the morning…unless it’s been drizzled in maple syrup and thrown on a stick. Landhaus, a favorite at Smorgasburg in NYC, makes this incredible treat for hundreds of people on the weekends. It’s been named best bacon by the Village Voice, and I have no grounds to dispute that.” Kevin Otte, San Francisco, Operations Team


However you decide to celebrate, Happy “Something on a Stick” Day!




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