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6 Summer Eats to Beat the Heat

Azalea Perez OIivares

July 24, 2014


We’ve reached the peak of summer. The sun’s still shining bright, sending us our fill of vitamin D. Luckily, the humidity has yet to suffocate our team members in the Midwest and on the East Coast. Grills are still lit with charcoals, cooking up all those smoky barbecued meats, and ice cream trucks aren’t slowing down yet. (Hello, Mister Softee!)

With the mercury on the rise, we’ve got tips from our foodie team on how to beat the heat with delicious summer eats. Here’s how to stay cool in your neck of the woods:


Alex Lorton, Co-Founder, New York City:

“In the hot, humid New York heat, nothing is better than a juicy, crisp, cold slice of watermelon. It’s a staple summer fruit that is not only good for you, with its high amount of vitamins and minerals, but it’s the best way to combat the heat with its refreshing, sweet taste. Watermelon is also a super versatile fruit because not only can it be eaten as a healthy dessert, but it also makes a savory salad and gazpacho!”

Summer Watermelon Salad

Best Watermelon Dish in New York City: Beefsteak Tomato and Watermelon Salad with Feta from Kutsher’s Tribeca

Kealy O’Donnell, Vendor Sales, Boston:

“Ice Cream. I can eat ice cream at any time of the year, but it especially plays a big role in my childhood summertime memories. I remember several times when we would actually make our own ice cream at home. My mom had an old school ice cream maker that she inherited from my grandmother, in which you had to churn the ice cream by hand. I remember it feeling like it took forever for it to be done! I’m pretty sure we only ever made vanilla ice cream, but it was the best vanilla ice cream I’ve ever had.

Summer Ice Cream

Best Ice Cream in Boston: Strawberry from Toscanini’s

Colin Bohan, Vendor Sales, Chicago:

“When summer hits Chicago, things heat up!  I eat soup year-round, so as it gets hotter outside, my soups get colder. Nothing’s better than a gazpacho loaded with local veggies and fresh, in-season tomatoes. My other favorite chilled soups are roasted red pepper and spring pea. Not only are these soups refreshing, but they are also super easy for a working lunch.”

Summer Gazpacho

Best Gazpacho in Chicago: Watermelon Gazpacho and Herby Green Pea Gazpacho from Karl’s Craft Soup


Em Ascano, Operations, San Francisco:

“In the summer – and this is definitely my ‘Asian’ heritage coming out, I love to beat the heat with chilled noodles and dipping sauce. I’m a sucker for Japanese zarusoba and tempura, but I’m just as huge a fan of Taiwanese style sesame noodles. They’re a bit harder to find on this side of the Pacific, but at least these little meals I can prep at home.”

Summer Soba Noodles

Best Japanese Soba in San Francisco: Zarusoba from Chotto


Mike Kolarik, Utility Player, Austin:

“Last August, I made the move from Michigan to Austin, Texas. Now, someone must have warned me about the heat, but I guess my brain could not fully comprehend what my body was in for until I stepped out of my car. Covered in sweat within seconds, I was scouring the streets for a cold cure for my condition. In the distance, I saw a red umbrella, like an oasis in the desert. Under this umbrella was a friendly man named Manuel who handed me my first paleta, a natural frozen pop made of fresh fruit and herbs. With flavors like Watermelon Agave and Pineapple Basil, Manuel’s stand, Mom & Pop’s, is the only way I’ve found to beat the heat!”

Summer Popsicles

Best Frozen Treat in Austin: Mom & Pop’s Paletas

Elan Bar, Operations, Washington DC:

“I spent quite a bit of time in Italy, so my favorite way to enjoy a hot summer day is classic: gelato. I’m really picky about it, though (a surprise to none of my colleagues and friends). When pairing, cream-based should be with cream-based, fruit-based with fruit-based. Except for chocolate and strawberry: chocolate and strawberry can do whatever it wants. The best gelaterie offer amazing seasonal flavors year-round. (I’m looking at you, blood orange gelato!) I still remember the best gelato I’ve ever had: champagne and grapefruit, from San Gimignano’s world-renowned Gelato di Piazza. Unremarkable storefront, beautiful hill-top Tuscan town, heavenly gelato. Transcendent.”

Summer Gelato

Best Italian Gelato in DC: Amore Gelato

What are your favorite summer eats?



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