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How To Love Yourself and Others with Food

Caryn Ganeles

February 10, 2015


Valentine’s Day is for lovers. Food lovers.

This Valentine’s Day, don’t bother with messy flowers, terribly-written greeting cards, or hum drum boxes of drugstore chocolates. We know what your valentine really wants: FOOD. Sweet, greasy, sticky, spicy, decadent food.

Don’t have a valentine? Then treat yourself! Check out the best food gifts to give to others, and the most delicious treats to keep for own celebration.

Maple Bacon on a Stick

For Your Honey


Bacon on a Stick

Roses die. Bacon is forever. Instead of getting your lover a long-stemmed rose, try a short stick with bacon on the end of it. Our favorite is New York vendor Landhaus’ legendary grilled maple bacon covered in sweet, sticky syrup and secret spices.


Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce
Add some heat to your romance with a bottle of hot sauce. Have a contest to see who can drink the most, and bond over the spicy tears streaming down your faces. NY vendor Sunday Gravy makes their own version that will have you crying like you just found out the ending of The Fault in Our Stars.


Cheese Bouquet

Cheese Bouquet

Nothing says “You’re my favorite human” like a bouquet of cheese. Fill a vase with dark chocolate chips, line skewers with grapes, radishes, and other accoutrements, and top off the sticks with manchego, sharp cheddar, and parmesan. Cheesy? Maybe. Guaranteed to get you some Valentine’s love? Definitely.

For Yourself


Mug Cake

Mug Cake
Who says you need a sweetheart to enjoy some sweets? Buy yourself a whole cake and go crazy. Or, more practically, make yourself an adorable mug cake for one. This list from Food Network has tons of great options. Instagram your creation and feel the love in the comments section. #cakeforone #youjealous?

50 Shades of Cookies

Eleni’s Sweet Surrender Cookie Collection

Go see this year’s most anticipated film 50 Shades of Grey with your girlfriends, conveniently opening on February 13th. Nosh on these adorable commemorative cookies from Eleni’s New York while ogling Mr. Grey.

Cheese of the Month Club

No one made you a cheese bouquet? Don’t pout. Order yourself a subscription to the Cheese of the Month Club and get a special reminder of how wonderful you are twelve times a year.




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