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Unique Eats

Sally Ekman

April 8, 2015


Welcome to this month’s spotlight, which highlights truly unique eats across the country. Don’t believe me? Check them out for yourself!


The Nugget Spot

The Nugget Spot (New York, NY)

Not only does a restaurant dedicated solely to nuggets exist (there is a heaven!), but it’s also taking the meaning of “nugget” to new heights. Before you continue reading, mentally prepare your inner six-year-old for the excitement that will ensue… The Nugget Spot offers a variety of wildly wacky and delicious nuggets. For example, their “Cap’n Crunk” chicken nuggets are coated in a slightly sweet, crunchy cereal crust and served with a spiced butterscotch sauce. And their “Wake N Bacon” is a bacon-coated chicken nugget served with maple syrup.

But this nugget sanctuary isn’t just for kids and late-night revelers. They offer a variety of finger-friendly eats, from catfish nuggets coated in an Old Bay crust (the “Noodler”) to vegan nuggets made with polenta, roasted tomatoes, and basil (the “Po Po”). Not feeling the fry? Try their pan-seared “Skinny Nuggs.”


Green Bean Mobile Cafe (Boston, MA)

The number of coffee shops in Boston is endless, but how many use 100% fair trade coffee, donate a portion of their proceeds to local green initiatives, AND operate out of a solar-powered food truck? Just one, and it goes by the name of Green Bean Mobile Cafe.

Not only is Green Bean Mobile Cafe a humane way to get your caffeine fix, also it gives you chance to indulge in their delicious breakfast sammies, served between homemade English muffins and hot-off-the-griddle waffles. Try their sinful s’mores waffle sandwich, which is dusted with powdered sugar and oozes melted chocolate and marshmallows in that first mouthwatering bite.


Crazy Pho Cajun

Crazy Pho Cajun (Seattle, WA)

We’re crazy for Crazy Pho Cajun, the unique Vietnamese/Cajun fusion cuisine being served to the lucky people of Seattle. Owner Anthony Nguyen’s inspiration is his Vietnamese heritage, combined with his passion for the ingredients of Louisiana. The result is a beautiful and unique union of spicy and bright flavors.

As a pho connoisseur (well, pho junkie), I can attest that a steaming bowl of rice noodles in an aromatic Vietnamese-inspired broth pairs wonderfully with traditional Cajun ingredients like spicy Andouille sausage and tender crawfish tails. Crazy Pho Cajun’s whole crawfish, a beloved Louisiana treat, gives a nod to Vietnamese culture with the boil it’s cooked in, which includes orange, ginger, and other Asian flavors. When it comes to eating these creatures, I must lend some advice that was passed onto me when I lived in New Orleans: suck da head, pinch da tail.


Chicago's Dog House

Chicago’s Dog House (Chicago, IL)

You’ll be in the doghouse if you mistake Chicago’s Dog House for your average hot dog joint. This delicious purveyor pairs gourmet ingredients and flavors with a fast-food culture. For example, there you can find “game sausages” like BBQ smoked duck, ribeye steak sausage, alligator, rabbit, pheasant, wild boar, buffalo, kangaroo and more.

But the unique dogs don’t stop at the sausages; you can load on a number of wacky toppings too! Try the “T Frank” hot dog, with cream cheese, avocado, bacon, and homemade hot sauce. Or the “French Poodle” dog, with Brie cheese, pear slices, and Grey Poupon. Don’t forget an order of “Frips:” a cross between a chip and french fry, made by taking a spiral drill to a potato and frying the curl until it’s golden crisp.



L'Chaim Sushi

L’Chaim Sushi (San Francisco, CA)

Sustainable, kosher sushi? Yes, this unicorn really does exist and is serving the hungry people of San Francisco. Started in 2013 by Rabbi Alex Shandrovsky in partnership with Congregation Adath Israel, L’Chaim Sushi fuses Kosher food preparation with the ethics of sustainability.

Rabbi Shandrovsky felt that the Bay Area – and the world at large – was lacking a variety of high-quality Kosher cuisine. Equally important, he also believed that this food has the power to foster community, learning, and discussion. As we see companies congregate around ethically-sourced, fresh, and delicious food from L’Chaim Sushi, we couldn’t agree more!



Brunch Haus

Brunch Haus (Austin, TX)

Brunch is a mindset, a state of being, a lifestyle. That’s why when Brunch Haus became a vendor this year, we were overjoyed to offer the people of Austin brunch delivered to their office, any time of day.

Brunch Haus serves classic brunch items with a modern twist. For example, you can order the likes of creamy grits and tender pork shoulder, topped with a perfectly fried egg and French toast stuffed with strawberry cream cheese. Can’t decide what to brunch on? Go with their fluffy, golden waffles, and succulent fried chicken, a crowd favorite that earned Brunch Haus third place in Austin’s 2014 Truck by Truckwest competition.


Just tell us which unique eats you’d like to try  in your office. Bon appetit!




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