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How to Have a Hellish Halloween Office Party

Kyle Fanthorpe

October 7, 2015


Halloween is a pretty big deal here at The office gets decked, giant spiders climb the walls, paper jack-o-lanterns hang from the ceilings, and everyone shows up in their best (typically food-related) costume. Halloween Costumes

If you’re going all out with office decor, the food has to be on par.

Many of our vendors offer unique, festive eats for Halloween. They’ll wow your team with their spooky appearance, and of course, delicious taste.

1) West Town Bakery Pumpkin Cake (Chicago, IL)

2) Sprinkles Boo Box (New York, NY)

Sprinkles Boo Box


Want to augment your meal, by getting crafty in the kitchen? Here are a few treats that are easy to make and aren’t too creepy to eat:

1) Zombie Brain Dip

No, not the most appetizing, but well, that’s kind of the point. All you need to make this brainy deliciousness is an inexpensive brain mold and some gelatin. From there, the possibilities are endless: you can try this Cheesy Brain Spread or make a giant brain Jell-O shot.

Zombie Brain Dip



2) Decorate-Your-Own Sugar Cookies

Decorating cookies is almost as much fun as eating them. Arm your team with some yummy sugar cookies, lots of frosting, and plenty of sprinkles. You might be surprised with the spooky creations they come up with.

Decorate-Your-Own Sugar Cookies



Don’t forget the drinks! What’s a Halloween party without party juice? The most important thing to remember is to make sure the drinks keep flowing; running out would be the ultimate sin.

1) Boil, Boil, Toil, and Trouble: Smoking Punch Bowls

The difference between good punch and the coolest punch ever? Two words: Dry Ice. Make a batch of your favorite grown up punch and make it smoky by getting some dry ice. Your guests will be in awe of your hosting skills.


2) Body Part Bevys

Nothing like your favorite fall punch with a scary surprise inside. Zombie ice hands, mini shrunken apple heads, and some frozen fingers are all great additions.

Halloween Punch

3) Blood Shots

These were a major hit at last year’s Halloween party. We combined vodka and cranberry juice to fill these plastic ‘blood’ syringes. You can also use pomegranate or even make these into Jell-O shots.


The rest of the fun is up to you! Last year, I made everyone in the office eat donuts off a string, which was highly entertaining. Classic activities like pumpkin carving, a costume contestm and bobbing for apples are great options too. Remember: if you’re enthusiastic about something, it shows, and that kind of energy is contagious. That’s exactly what you’ll need to get the party poppin’. Halloween Costumes

Alex, our Co-Founder, as Kirby


Go big or go home.




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