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That Timmy Life

Grace Seymour

April 6, 2016


When we send out meals to our clients, one big goal – aside from providing amazing food – is building community and culture within offices. There are few places better than over a meal to bounce ideas off of colleagues, brainstorm new ideas, and allow disparate teams to learn from each other. We value this goal not only with our clients, but at our company as well. So, we couldn’t have been more proud to be nominated for Best Technology Work Culture at this year’s Tech in Motion Timmy Awards.

The Timmy Awards are an annual series honoring companies and individuals who strive to create the best places for technology professionals to work. There are three categories of awards: Best Technology Work Culture, Best Technology Manager, and Best Tech Startup.


At, we take work culture very seriously, especially when it comes to promoting innovation in technology. Our team members are constantly collaborating to make the company great. For example, we invite members of different teams throughout the organization to beta test new launches. All tech team members have open-door policies, actively making themselves available to lend a hand or fully explain new processes. We encourage employees to suggest enhancements and improvements through a portal lovingly named “Bugs.” These suggestions don’t end up in an unidentified inbox, never to be addressed. Instead, our tech team quickly and efficiently implements them, while providing real-time updates. It is this environment that makes our work culture so special and, Timmy-worthy. LA Office

Members of the local start-up community nominate Timmy Award candidates who are contributing to the thriving market – whether with innovation, culture, or both. The nominated offices then answer short essay questions, shedding further light on their internal workings. Afterwards final nominations come out, with 6-7 companies per category, and voting begins. This year, the Timmy Awards in LA had over 2,000 votes!

The award ceremony took place at fellow nominee Cross Campus’ shared work space. Local vendor Carvery Kitchen provided the food, and fan favorite Sprinkles sent custom mini cupcakes. The room was buzzing with anticipation. Who would win?! Towards the middle of the evening, they invited guests to sit down and listen to the various charismatic presenters. As they announced the nominees for our category, the incredible talent was undeniable; it was really a world-class list of nominees. Just being nominated was an honor in and of itself.

Our hearts raced. They announced the first runner up for the Technology Work Culture award. Who would the winner be? As a hush came over the crowd, the announcer read the name:!

Timmy Award Ceremony

Winning the award was such an amazing experience. Not only do we take pride in bringing people together over food in our clients’ offices, we also take pride in practicing what we preach and allowing that idea to thrive in our own company culture. Here’s to many more new ideas, new meals, and future Timmy Awards.'s Timmy Award



“ has been able to get our employees from all different departments together, to get away from our desks, recharge, and be able to return to our work, happy and full.”

—Ellen K., Employee Experience Specialist,