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From Office Dogs to the Mannequin Challenge,’s Company Culture

Shira Andres

December 16, 2016


It’s a popular trend among startups and younger companies to create a company culture that reflects the youth and fun of their employees. They believe your office should be a place you enjoy spending time in. Some offices have embraced this with casual attire or a keg in the office. Some have even gone so far as installing a ball pit. These days, our work environments are looking less like cube farms and more like a place to have fun and discover. From wacky decor to endless office food, here are four of the unusual ways we make work fun.

Employee Gifts and Celebrations

We love employee milestones! To recognize our employees’ work anniversaries, we personalize their celebrations. We bring a specialty treat, like gourmet ice cream sandwiches or soft hot pretzels, into the office.

Office Anniversary

Keizha Rejano capturing her office birthday celebration.

Office Ice Cream Sandwich

Clare Smith celebrating her anniversary with an ice cream sandwich from Captain Cookie!

We also present them with a personalized gift to mark their time here. These gifts have ranged from backpacks to specialty cookware and everything in between! Pictured below is Christina Covello receiving a Himalayan Salt Lamp for her 1 year anniversary. While some people might look at it and see a rock lamp, Christina looks at her gift and sees good vibes and homeopathic benefits.

Salt Lamp Employee Gift

Office Hamburger Cake

Celebrating Liz Kim’s graduation from San Francisco State with balloons, streamers, and a cheeseburger cake!

Office Cupcake

My very own anniversary cupcake, which eerily matched my dress. To this day, it’s still a mystery how this came to be.

Fun Surroundings

Just because it’s a work space doesn’t mean it needs to be boring. It’s common to see a decorated desk at the offices. We personalize our space with photos, food-related art, and signs from past events.

Office Pizza Pennants

In our Austin and New York offices, we even feature cardboard taxidermy (PETA approved.)

Office Decor

We like to take the fun on the road for team events like indoor rock climbing and shuffleboard outings. With the holidays approaching, each office will be enjoying a holiday party in each city as an opportunity to wine and dine as a team.

Breaking Bread Together

Office Team Dinner

Joined by co-founder Alex Lorton, our Chicago team enjoyed a seafood night out.

You’re probably not surprised to learn that our team is full of foodies. We celebrate our love of food together by having regular team lunches, as well as employee outings at our vendors’ restaurants.

And ask any food-loving employee, and he will tell you that one highlight to the workplace is the constant tastings. Whether we’re testing a new vendor’s cuisine, or having an office potluck, we’re always trying the newest and best food in our cities!

Office Holiday Meal

Our New York team celebrating Thanksgiving with a team potluck.

Team Mascots

A wise man once said, “Dogs make for the best co-workers.” Okay, perhaps I just made that up…but it seems fairly accurate. Several of our offices have frequent furry visitors.

Pictured below is Jax the Shiba, sleeping on the job in our San Francisco office.Office Dog Shiba Inu
Our Denver office offers double trouble with Riggins and Sadie. Don’t give in to their cute faces. The tastings are only for humans!

Office Dog Riggins

Office Dog Sadie

In Austin, Ruckus the skateboarding bulldog rules the office AND the streets. He’s somewhat of a local celebrity.

Skateboarding Bulldog in Austin

When Barley visits our New York office, he comes dressed to impress!

Office Dog Barley

Having fun where you work is easy when you’re around fun people (and dogs). It’s pretty clear: we love any excuse to celebrate, especially if food is involved!

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