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New Year Office Checklist

Viktor Sych

January 2, 2017


It’s January, so the persistent gym ads – and your boss’s energy level – are back!

Whether you’re in peak performance mode or still have New Year’s ringing in your ears, things are going to start piling up. Here’s a checklist to help you ease back in, so you’re in control of your week, instead of the other way around:

New Year's Checklist

1) Check the Supplies

One way to make your first week back in the office even worse is running out of toilet paper… or coffee. If you have a facilities manager, make sure he or she is on it. If not, do an inventory of your must-haves, and order anything that threatens to destroy your week. Some ideas:

  • Bathroom Supplies: toilet paper, paper towels, liquid soap
  • Cleaning Supplies: sprays, sponges, garbage bags
  • Coffee Supplies: coffee, filters, K-cups
  • Kitchen Supplies: water pitcher filters, water cooler refill, snack bins

2) Get Food

Nothing says “welcome back” like a free meal that’s not made of leftovers and stale holiday candy. Everyone will get through that first week more easily if they’re well-fed. Remember to order:

  • Snacks: Don’t forget fruits and veggies for those in the office dedicated to their New Year’s resolutions.
  • Drinks: For the same reason, you might want to stock up on juices or smoothies. However, alcohol may be equally important this time of year. [Swill can help.]
  • Meals: Grazing won’t cut it, so order a full breakfast or lunch to cut down on irritability. [ can help.]

Shrimp Salad

3) Remove the Clutter

It’s time to say goodbye to lingering extras from 2016. If the insanity of December didn’t allow for a purge, now’s an even better time.

  • Have old greeting or holiday cards taped up? Consider filing them – whether with a digital photo, in a physical folder, or in the trash. And say goodbye to your 2016 calendar or planner.
  • Holding on to any desk accessories that need to go? Toss that misshapen stress ball, and make new versions of Post-It notes that have fallen from your monitor.
  • Still have mystery items in the team fridge? Chuck anything with an expiration date from 2016.

4) Plan Ahead

Figure out what you’ve got coming up. If you allocate time for it, you’ll ease the worries of type A bosses – or your own type A impulses. Some things to consider:

  • Team Events: Do you need to start planning one?
  • Birthdays and Anniversaries: Any coming up that you need to plan or buy for?
  • Security: Do you need to upgrade your sign-in sheet, your keys, or your safe combinations – in order to be compliant with security requirements?
  • Meetings: Do you have off-sites or retreats to book? [Breather can help.]
  • Official Documents: Have any IRS or business license documents to file, in order to be ready for taxes and other upcoming deadlines?

You can get through the first week of January, despite the juice cleanses and sudden deadlines. Hope this list helps you get started!




“ has been able to get our employees from all different departments together, to get away from our desks, recharge, and be able to return to our work, happy and full.”

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