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How to Celebrate the “Big Game” At Work

Margie Nunez

January 28, 2017


Celebrate the Big Game

It’s official: the playoffs are over. Soon, the Atlanta Falcons will match up against the New England Patriots for the Big Game.

Like most, you are either planning your own shindig, plotting to crash someone else’s, or hitting up your local bar to fight with a complete stranger over your favorite bar stool. Times like these make you wish there was a better way to watch your favorite team take the championship – or better yet, the hilarious commercials and what Lady Gaga will be wearing. What if I told you that all of that is possible in the place you least expected: work?

This location where business is done can also be the locale for team building. Even if collaboration isn’t your main objective, this annual athletic display is the perfect excuse to intake high-calorie favorites such as chili and pizza. Whether for football or for food, an office meal for the Big Game is a great idea!

Celebrate Game Day with a Catered Party

On the Friday Before (2/3)

Why wait for Sunday? Start the celebration early with a Game-Day-themed meal at the office! Celebrating the Friday before is the perfect way to bring a productive work week to a close. It’s also an excellent excuse to enjoy some sports bar classics in the boardroom.

Whether you’d like to have options that coincide with the participating teams like New England Patriots Clam Chowder or Peach Falcon’s Nest Skewers (peach, Gorgonzola, prosciutto, and parsley). Or, if your favorite team didn’t make the cut – like my beloved NY Giants, you can praise your office’s preferred team by having a meal in their honor. For most, this will be the first Big Game bash they will be participating in, so feel free to think outside the box for food options. The choices are endless.

Celebrate Game Day with a Special Office Lunch

Fan Favorites

  • Dallas Cowboys BBQ
  • New Orleans Saints Gumbo
  • Green Bay Packers Grilled “Cheesehead” Sandwiches
  • NY Buffalo Bill-ed Wings

…or if every other team is your sworn enemy you can feast on them, literally:

  • Houston Texan Ribblettes
  • Philadelphia Eagle Wings w/Jordan Hicks-ory (Hickory) Sauce
  • Miami Dolphin and Chips
  • Chicago Bear-claw Doughnuts

On the Monday After (2/6)

Why not extend the celebration? You can brighten-up an otherwise dreary winter Monday by keeping the excitement going!

If you’re planning an office event for after game day, consider using printable Big-Game-themed bingo sheets to engage football skeptics in your office. Distribute the bingo sheets on the Friday before the game for a chance to partake in a “Breakfast of Champions” on the Monday after. Those participants who hit bingo can score entrance to the breakfast where you can show the most popular commercials from the game.


No matter who you will be rooting for on February 5th, celebrating the clash between the underdog Falcons and favored-to-win Patriots can bring the bitterest of rivals in the office to only one conclusion: this was the best idea EVER!




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