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Catering Creativity: How Team Lunches Fuel Design Agencies

Sarah Dean

February 6, 2017


It is a universal truth that all employees love free food, but have you ever considered the particular impact catered meals could have on your designers? From increased cognitive functioning to decreased stress, here are four ways that regular team meals can benefit your agency.

Brain Food at the Office

Food for Thought

We’re all familiar with brain food: those high-protein snacks and balanced breakfasts that parents and teachers swore by on standardized test mornings. The benefits of nutrient-filled meals extend beyond the classroom to the workplace. Antioxidant-rich cruciferous greens are perfect for designers seeking to improve their focus and cognitive function, while fresh fruits and vegetables can provide long-lasting energy boosts to help see you through busy days at the agency.

These, and other brain foods — like legumes, cold water fish, and unprocessed foods — are hard to come by from chain vendors or hastily packed bag lunches. Catered meals ensure that your agency gets a nutritious, balanced lunch with everything you need to feel your most creative.

Design Agency Lunch

Fresh Food, Fresh Perspectives

Design can often be a solitary experience, full of long hours isolated behind a computer. Yet we all know that getting fresh perspectives is a vital part of the creative process.

Team lunches help to create a more collaborative work environment, fostering conversation and impromptu brainstorming sessions away from the desk. Regular office meals can also provide opportunities to pick the brains of colleagues from different teams or departments, who can offer an outside perspective or contribute insight specific to their expertise.


Agency Deadlines

Work Hard, Lunch Hard

In the high-powered design world, project deadlines can make squeezing in a lunch break tricky to say the least. It is widely understood that missing meals results in a decrease in energy and, consequently, productivity.

But with catered team meals delivered directly to your office, there is never an excuse for skipping a mid-day meal to save that precious half hour. Having lunch brought to your agency eliminates the need weigh whether you can afford to hop out to grab food when you have a looming deadline. When it comes down to crunch time, fueling your brain is as important as ever!

Agency Coffee Break

Breaking Bread

Crunch-time aside, breaks are essential to employee well-being and office moral. Happy offices are offices where employees feel part of a community.

Team lunches provide designers with an opportunity to de-stress away from computer screens. They allow co-workers to relax and enjoy one another’s company and to build a sense of belonging. In forming positive work relationships, employees become more emotionally invested in their workplace, leading to increased performance.


As you can see, catered lunches for your agency can contribute to better focus, fresh perspectives, timely project completion and team-wide collaboration. At we provide diverse, nutritious team meals that can help fuel your design agency!




“ has been able to get our employees from all different departments together, to get away from our desks, recharge, and be able to return to our work, happy and full.”

—Ellen K., Employee Experience Specialist,