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4 Ways Catering Helps You Get Through Tax Season

Mathew Cunningham

February 15, 2017


The busy season is here. For tax teams across the country, the days are starting earlier and ending later. As pressure mounts, it’s important for managers to keep their teams working at maximum efficiency.

Catered meals are one of the best ways to keep your team engaged, focused, and happy during this busy season. Here are 4 ways managers can use food to help their CPAs through tax season:


1. Meals prevent burnout.

Eat Healthy To Avoid Burnout During Tax Season

Burnout is a topic that’s still taboo in the accounting industry. However, it’s definitely a reality, especially given the length of tax season.

As the team works overtime under growing pressure, burnout is most likely to occur during this time of year. There’s an easy way to avoid it: eat healthy.

Eating healthy meals is one of the best ways to avoid burnout. It can boost mood and help ward off feelings of depression.

By catering in a healthy lunch every day, you know the team has access to the food it needs to feel great this busy season.


2. Catering keeps your team productive.

Catered Meals Keep Teams Productive

When people stress out, they skip meals. Over 31 million Americans skip breakfast every day, often because they feel too busy.

This kills productivity. Skipping meals impairs energy, concentration, and memory. Furthermore, the productivity drop just leads to more stress.

Stop the cycle. A properly-executed investment in healthy eating has long term benefits.

  • Productivity increases.
  • Morale Increases.
  • Sick leave decreases.

Getting through busy season is not all that different from running a marathon. Give your team the fuel it needs for success!


3. Food shows appreciation.

Show Appreciation Through Food

Feeling unappreciated at work decreases productivity and increases burnout. One of the most important things managers can do is show praise.

CPAs are notorious for working 80 hour weeks. Acknowledge the effort, and celebrate the hard work.

Surprise the team with catered thank you treats. Celebrate goals or quotas with a lunch. Show employees you care with their favorite meals. Touches like these reduce busy season stress.

A hot breakfast in the morning or a nice dinner at night is a treat any CPA can look forward to on a busy work day.


4. Catered meals save time.

Save Time During Lunch with Catering

A productive lunch hour leads to a productive day, because it sets the tone for the rest of the afternoon. However, much of this hour is wasted in long lines and travel.

Providing lunch cuts this wasted time and outside stress. You can even look for a caterer that provides onsite coordinators to facilitate setup, meal consolidation, and cleanup. Every saved minute counts.

When you give your team lunch, you give your team time. Time is opportunity. Opportunity to connect with coworkers, plan out the rest of the day, and complete more tasks. The result is a happier, more efficient team.


Catered meals are far more than a convenience. They offer strategic value. Your CPAs will be running a marathon of audits and 1120s for the next few months. When leveraged effectively, catered office meals can help with everything from burnout to time efficiency so that your team stays strong.

Feed employees to fuel performance. It’s the secret sauce to a successful tax season strategy.




“ has been able to get our employees from all different departments together, to get away from our desks, recharge, and be able to return to our work, happy and full.”

—Ellen K., Employee Experience Specialist,