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The Flavors of Atlanta

Shira Andres

April 17, 2017


Atlanta is famously nicknamed “The City Too Busy To Hate,” but one thing is for sure: this city is NEVER too busy to eat! That’s why we’ve partnered with fantastic restaurants, food trucks, and chefs to up your office lunch game and bring you the true flavors of Atlanta.

From Peachtree Street… to yet another Peachtree Street, here’s a look at some of the delicious things you get to enjoy when you have a meal in your office.


Office Breakfast: Flats – Egg-Delicious Breakfast Flatbread

Flats Breakfast

Born and raised in Atlanta, brothers Steve and Andrew Economos started Flats when they wanted a fast and fresh food option that everyone could enjoy. Their goal was to let people indulge their taste buds desires, without feeling guilty.

The duo’s “Egg-Delicious” breakfast is the perfect way to make bacon and eggs desk-friendly. It’s made of eggs, bacon, and cheddar, served on warm signature flatbread, like a breakfast pizza. Morning office pizza party, anyone?


Office Lunch: Naan Stop – Chicken Tikka Masala Rice Bowl

Naan Stop

A new way to enjoy Indian food, Naan Stop was started by two brothers inspired by their mom’s cooking. Owners Neal and Samir Idnani created a food truck concept in LA before turning it into a brick-and-mortar in downtown Atlanta. Naan Stop makes rice bowls, salads, and naan wraps. Their delicious blend of classic flavors are sure to delight your taste buds!

We can bring your office their chicken tikka masala bowl, which comes with cool toppings like yogurt and cilantro chutney. The kick of their delicious Indian spices will fuel you through your afternoon meetings.


Office Treat: Heidi’s Heavenly Cookies – Chocolate Raspberry Eclipse Cookies

Heidi's Cookies

When life gives you lemons… make fantastic cookies, and turn them into a delicious business. For Heidi Nel, that’s how the expression goes. When Heidi’s family hit hard times, she turned her baking hobby into a full time job and worldwide sensation. Heidi’s Heavenly Cookies has since been featured on Rachel Ray, The Today Show, CBS Better Mornings, and many more.

These treats are the perfect special occasion, goodie, or board meeting munchie. You can get anything from chocolate raspberry eclipse cookies to Southern pecan pie cookie bars. With the flavor variety and gluten-free offerings available, you’ll have no problem satisfying everyone’s taste buds.


Office Dinner: Bellina Alimentari – Caprese on Ciabatta

Bellina Dinner

Bellina Alimentari is an Italian restaurant from the mind of Tal Postelnik Baum, an Israeli architect and designer. She worked in the food industry in Florence for seven years before moving to Atlanta to bring Italian charm to the South. Her focus is on ingredients, which she sources locally and seasonally from organic, ecologically-friendly farms, whenever possible. The classic Italian flavors speak for themselves.

This Caprese on Ciabatta is a perfect example of how the chef lets simple, high-quality ingredients shine. Fresh tomato, mozzarella, and basil sit on a ciabatta roll made from scratch. This meal will let you enjoy Italian at the office without getting messy.


Office Happy Hour: Willy’s Mexicana Grill – Queso Dip

Willy's Queso

If you’re from Atlanta, you know that Willy’s is the fast casual Tex-Mex staple in your neighborhood. Willy’s was founded after Willy Bitter spent some time in the Mission District of San Francisco. He brought the flavors of the burrito capital of the world to Atlanta. The eatery’s healthy and flavorful ingredients make it easy to build your own tacos, rice bowl, or nacho plate.

The star of a Willy’s experience is the white queso dip, which is perfect for an office happy hour. The light spice in this dip makes the flavor stand out above the rest. It’s a little bit tangy and not too spicy; you won’t be able to just dip one chip. This queso is sure to be your happy hour conversation starter.


With the help of our Atlanta partners, we’re creating custom experiences with amazing food in the office. The best thing about ordering with is that we tailor each meal to fit any office. We work with your dietary restrictions and budget to make a flavor party for you. So tell us: what are you craving?





“ has been able to get our employees from all different departments together, to get away from our desks, recharge, and be able to return to our work, happy and full.”

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