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Catering for Every Law Firm Function

Viktor Sych

August 1, 2017


We know how busy practice groups are and how valuable each billable hour is. That’s why customized, unique, and nutritious law firm catering is important.

  • With long hours and demanding clients, it can be hard to maintain focus and productivity. Adequate nourishment can raise productivity levels by 20%, which can then significantly impact billable hours.
  • Shared meals provide an opportunity for associates to discuss cases. When food is catered in, there’s no need to leave the office, and there’s more time to discuss strategy or case law.

Here are some of the meals you’ll want to order catering for:


Partner Meetings

The same sandwich platter for every meeting is monotonous. Instead, order tapas or small plates for your next partner meeting. Those kinds of small bites are a perfect complement to discussion. They also make for an effective, neutral conversation-starter and are classy enough. You can even get small plates from different cuisines, to encourage partners to share recommendations for summer getaways.

Consider items like:


Crostini for Law Firms


Case Reviews

Hunker down for a case review or strategy session with the right fuel. Skip the bland turkey wraps that put you to sleep. Instead, opt for meal pockets, like spinach pies or dumplings. These breaded pouches of meat or veggies are hearty enough to sustain you throughout a long-running meeting. They can often be eaten either warm or cold, and usually leave one hand free for note-taking.

Some versions include:

  • Bao: Chinese steamed bun
  • Gyoza: Japanese dumpling
  • Momo: Tibetan dumpling
  • Samosa: Middle Eastern/Indian pie
  • Empanada: Spanish/Argentinian pie


Dumplings for Law Firms


Group Breakfasts or Lunches

You may want to get your entire firm or practice group together for a meeting. Whether you’re introducing a new associate class, announcing a partner promotion, or discussing quarterly performance, food will improve the experience. Don’t order a pastry platter that will put everyone into a carb coma. A good alternative is make-your-own bowl stations. These protein-packed, personalized meals work with either a standing or a sitting crowd.

Depending on the time of day, you may want:

  • Breakfast – Acai bowls: antioxidant-packed smoothie bowls with a range of toppings
  • Breakfast – Home fries bowls: potatoes with a choice of veggies, breakfast proteins, and eggs in a bowl
  • Lunch or dinner – Poke bowls: fish and veggie bowls, often served atop rice
  • Lunch or dinner – Cuban bowls: plantain, avocado, sweet potato, bean, rice, and tomato bowls, sometimes with pork

Acai Bowls for Law Firms


Regular trainings are necessary for law firms. Whether you’re holding a quarterly compliance training, a BYOD policy training, or a CLE, you’ll need food to help employees make it through. Given that most trainings involve computers, choose dishes that don’t make a mess on the keyboard. Entree proteins usually achieve that goal, while being hearty enough to encourage participants to “dig in” to the training.

Start with:

  • Beef dishes, from beef tenderloin to filets
  • Filets of fish, from cod to barramundi
  • Chicken breasts, from chicken marsala to coq au vin


Steak for Law Firms


New Associate Welcome Events

As new associates join the firm, you’ll want to get them off on the right foot. A small cocktail hour may be the ideal way to forge connections between new associates and partners. These introductions will help cases proceed more smoothly and will improve the firm’s reputation as well. Remember to get both drinks and appetizers, to avoid any unfortunate office situations.

Options include:

  • A cocktail customized for your firm, like a “MoFo Martini” or a “Pillsbury Pisco Sour”
  • Hors d’oeuvres that match your practice group, like “stethoscope spiced noodles” for a health law group or a “tax return-overs” for a tax group


Martinis for Law Firms


Vendor Meetings

Considering a new practice management software, or weighing ediscovery tools? If so, your team may want to have vendors come to the office to showcase their software and capabilities. When sales reps ask what kind of food to bring, suggest a meal that’s a treat. The smaller portion size will keep the meeting length contained, while the sweet nature will start the meeting on a positive note.

Suggest that vendors bring:


Creme Brulee for Law Firms


Use these menus to ensure that your firm is well-fed and happy, no matter the kind of event or meeting that’s happening. We can offer even more customized suggestions for your law firm. Just click below!




“ has been able to get our employees from all different departments together, to get away from our desks, recharge, and be able to return to our work, happy and full.”

—Ellen K., Employee Experience Specialist,