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How to Make Giving a Company Value

Viktor Sych

September 8, 2017


We all want to build a company culture in which team members help each other out. Not only does this help accomplish goals, but it also creates an environment in which current and future team members want to work. But how exactly do you instill this giving mentality in your team? Lead by example.

Model giving behavior for your team when opportunities present themselves. Right now is unfortunately such an opportunity: those impacted by Hurricane Harvey need our help.

Houston Food Bank - Company Giving

Photo Credit: Houston Food Bank


Now, you can simultaneously bring your team together to accomplish projects and help those affected by the natural disaster. When you order a meal from on Wednesdays or Thursdays in September, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Houston Food Bank.* While your team is using the meal to fuel their projects, the Houston Food Bank will use the money donated to feed those displaced by Hurricane Harvey.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Tell us that your group wants to participate in Hurricane Harvey relief!
  2. Pick which Wednesdays or Thursdays you’d like to help, and let us know what you’re catering for – whether it’s a meeting or a special Harvey support event.
  3. We’ll send over a special menu for your group for you to confirm.
  4. Then, we’ll provide the meal for your team and donate proceeds to the Houston Food Bank.


Houston Food Bank - Company Giving

Photo Credit: Houston Food Bank


We are excited to play a small role in helping feed those in need, and we hope you will partner with us and with our amazing chef partners too! Let’s invest in working together!


*A portion of the cost of select orders with select vendor restaurants will be donated to the Houston Food Bank. This will apply to select orders placed for Wednesdays and Thursdays in September 2017. The vendor restaurant has final discretion over whether an order qualifies. The donation will be made as a lump sum disbursement directly to the Houston Food Bank.




“ has been able to get our employees from all different departments together, to get away from our desks, recharge, and be able to return to our work, happy and full.”

—Ellen K., Employee Experience Specialist,