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How Works With Chefs

Hannah Chase

October 10, 2017


Have you ever gambled by mixing two unlikely cuisines and been surprised with the amazing results?
Roxie’s Tacos did, and as a result they serve the best fusion dishes you can find in Boulder. They showcase Indian flavors in standard Mexican formats, like tacos, nachos, and bowls.


Food Options - Roxie's Tacos


Because of a little-known partnership, the restaurant has flourished. Fletcher Starkey and Roshani Patel had a catering company in San Francisco when’s co-founders reached out to them. They became one of’s first partners! When they came to the offices that day, they did not expect the relationship to help them achieve their dreams of opening their own restaurant in Colorado.

Here’s how they’ve grown:


Q: How did the two of you meet?

A: On April 20th of 2011, our paths crossed in San Francisco, when I (Fletcher) was selling catering services and Roshani was buying. We coordinated a massively successful event later that year, and it was the beginning of our shared service and partnership.


Q: How long have you worked with

A: Since the fall of 2011: 6 years now! It was fate, finding each other in the beginning. The first year of working with in Colorado helped us open our own restaurant.


Q: How did you go from catering in San Francisco to having your own restaurant in Boulder?

A: It has been a lot of hard work. After years living in the Bay, we always wanted to move somewhere a bit more peaceful and settled on Longmont, Colorado. In the few years we have been here, we have participated in farmers markets, events, and private catering. With the help of our partners, we were able to generate enough sales to finally snag a spot on the Hill in Boulder, where we are surrounded by people who love our product.


Q: What is your most popular menu item?

A: Well, it’s called Roxie’s Tacos for a reason! The tacos are definitely the best application for our menu items and concept. We like to focus on high-quality, fresh products, and even make our flour and corn tortillas in-house. A popular combination would be Red Oven Chicken with Coconut Milk and garam masala, our cilantro chutney, and top it with our organic slaw with a lemon-thyme vinaigrette.

Tacos - Roxie's Tacos

Q: How has helped your business grow?

A: Working together has allowed us to focus on what we are good at: running a clean kitchen, having fresh product, and not worrying about the sales. Therefore, it lets us specialize and focus on our product. There are also some clients who have come into the restaurant after receiving our catering; there’s a clear word of mouth relationship.


Q: What have you learned from to help with your own internal operations?

A: We’ve learned to better organize orders, to make it easier to make sure that an order gets executed. Some competitors don’t have the correct logistics, and it makes a difference.


Q: What is the impact that has had on your business?

A: We’ve gotten more clients, gotten more traction, taken bigger orders, offered a larger selection of product by experimenting with menus. You get to do what you’re good at and let handle the part that might not come so naturally. Since partnering together, has increased our catering revenue by a few thousand dollars monthly!


From private caterers in San Francisco to restaurant owners in Colorado, Roxie’s Tacos has grown in a big way. We’re proud to have been part of their journey!

Owners - Roxie's Tacos





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