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Serving Seattle Residents Delicious Dishes, Minus The Showers

Dave Casler

December 20, 2017


The rumors are true, folks: it rains in Seattle quite a bit. With a yearly average approaching 40″ of sprinkles, showers, downpours, and drizzles, it’s no surprise to see the greenery arrive in equal measure. In addition to our precipitation-quenched flora, however, is the equally-fierce profusion of new restaurants, food trucks, and private chefs that take root all throughout our fair, mist-laden metropolis. The need to dine and investigate that new place with that chef quickly eclipse any concerns about the weather.


Seattle Skyline


These culinary excursions are a fantastic way to embrace the ever-changing spirit of Seattle–where variety is as much a “spice” as it is a kind of edible ethos. In all practicality, however, our cravings are stymied by long lines, wait times, and the need to settle for a very early (or late!) reservation hour.

The Lunchtime Dilemma

The line at food trucks can make a lunch hour feel more like a lunch era. Afternoons in the office leave administrators to wonder why they booked the largest conference room for what appears to be a skeleton crew attendance!

In this predicament, it’s no wonder that more and more companies are rethinking their approach to lunchtime. Far from the idea of “cafeteria” fare, administrators realize that offering hearty, quality food at the office goes beyond improving attendance. Moreover, it’s a way to stay competitive in the attraction, retention, and recruitment of top talent.

What Sets Us Apart

It’s easy enough to organize a turkey-or-veggie sandwich option, but with, you’re able to enjoy some of the city’s best au courant meals. Perhaps even better than an in-house cantine operation, the seemingly endless variety of vendors will suit any palate, dietary restriction, and headcount.

With Seattle’s large influx of transplants, both domestic and international, Seattle’s ability to deliver Southern barbecue, Chicago-style pizza, or Ethiopian delicacies is as robust as ever. What’s more, has all of it on speed dial, with tailor-made menus to delight your office on a daily basis.


Seattle - Oma Bap

Photo Courtesy of Oma Bap Restaurant


Your new comptroller from Louisville is a bit less homesick when he takes a bite of some of Seattle’s best Southern-style fried chicken. The UX designer from Cornwall is tickled pink by a Kung Pao crumpet. The customer service rep from Oaxaca can’t believe the mole tastes just like the one abuela made.

The importance, benefits, and rewards of providing a meal to your employees can’t be understated. At its simplest, it’s nourishment that drives cohesion and community. At a deeper level, a meal becomes a tangible representation of gratitude to employees that fuels the intangible fires of ingenuity, tenacity, and bold new ideas.




“ has been able to get our employees from all different departments together, to get away from our desks, recharge, and be able to return to our work, happy and full.”

—Ellen K., Employee Experience Specialist,