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Why You Should Do An Office Menu Refresh

Meriel' Peterich

January 4, 2018


With a New Year brings a new outlook and set of goals for many colleagues in your office, both personally and professionally. With many trying to kick old habits from the previous year, a much-needed revisit of your office’s catering preferences is long overdue. And the plus side? It’s a lot easier than you may think. Here’s how to accomplish a quick and easy office menu refresh in the New Year.


1. Outdated Dietary Restrictions

Has it been a full 365 days since you’ve asked your office about any dietary restrictions or food allergies that they may have? If so, that could explain why a few folks are always loading up on only veggies, or the gluten-free options are always a hot commodity at lunchtime. By updating your office’s menu preferences, you’ll ensure that your employees can enjoy a delicious catered meal that complies with their dietary needs.

Over the next few weeks, make sure to touch base with your team so that every meal is suitable to your colleagues’ preferences. Sending out a Google form is a great way for everyone to fill out their specific dietary needs on their own time, and leaves you with a detailed list to share with the team.


Office Menu Refresh - Outdated Dietary Restrictions


2. Changing Food Tastes

While exercise and other lifestyle changes typically top the list of New Year’s resolutions for many, changing food tastes is also on the top of the list. Post-holiday meals and food items have been on the eating agenda since November, leaving employees craving lighter fare options come January 1. The ever-popular Whole30 meal program also gains lots of popularity this time of year, which also comes with a variety of dietary restrictions for those participating in your office. Being proactive and reaching out to your team about their changing food tastes is an important step when tackling your office menu refresh. Your team members really value a team or office-wide lunch, especially when it helps them reach their New Year’s goals. So take the first step and make sure everyone can join.


Office Menu Refresh - Changing Food Tastes


3. Desire For Meal-Type Variation is fortunate enough to work with the best vendor partners across the country, but did you know we also constantly add new local vendors to our networks in each of our markets? With so many meal options and cuisines out there, make sure your team isn’t missing out! From healthful acai bowls to hearty brisket pho, the meal options for your office are endless. While Taco Tuesday is always a crowd favorite, don’t get stuck in an office meal rut.


Office Menu Refresh - Needed Meal-Type Variation


The New Year is here, so take advantage of an office menu refresh for your company. Let us help plan your next meal. Our team members are available and ready to help you refresh your meal program for the New Year!




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