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Breakfast Food Feud

Teddy Bommarito

January 23, 2018


Growing up, I was never a ‘breakfast person.’ As a night owl, I would beg my parents night-after-night for an extra 30 minutes of cartoons before bed and always dreaded waking up in the morning despite the call of cinnamon Eggo waffles in advance of school (as crazy as that sounds).

In college, not much changed. In fact, I constantly found myself smack in the middle of what I would call my academic ‘dilemma-trifecta’: completing major requirements, taking classes I thought I’d enjoy, and, the kicker, avoiding any class before 11 a.m., something I considered, and still embarrassingly consider, ‘early. Long story short, breakfast was never really in the equation.

After graduation, this pattern continued as I embarked on a two-year program as an investment banking analyst. The overwhelmingly late nights, time-sensitive deadlines, and constant influx of work prevented me from truly appreciating breakfast.

However, this all changed when I joined

As a company that serves breakfast to dozens of companies across the country, has taught me how a simple meal in the morning can drastically improve the course of any given day. It rejuvenates you, sustains you, and most certainly can be incredibly delicious.

Having said this, a rather pressing question arises when it comes to breakfast: how do you choose what to eat? In order to solve this seemingly impossible problem, I polled the team in a variety of different breakfast categories, the results of which can be found below in what we are calling our Breakfast Food Feud.

BREAKFAST DRINK: Coffee, Tea or Juice?

Winner: Coffee

Overheard from the C2Me Team

“No coffee, no workee!” – April, Finance Associate

Breakfast Menu Inspiration

For those in the Bay Area who require a morning caffeine fix, our vendor Curry Roots offers an extremely distinct chai bar for breakfast, consisting of a selection including cardamom, ginger and masala chai. A perfect way to start the day!

Fun Fact: Coffee is actually a fruit that grows on a tree! It is only called a bean because of its resemblance to actual beans.

“ADULT” BREAKFAST DRINK: Bloody Mary or Mimosa?

Winner: Too close to call

Overheard from the C2Me Team

“A Bloody Mary is “like a mini meal and a powerful drink all in one.” – Margie, Marketing Associate

“Why would I choose to drink tomato juice when I could drink orange juice, ya know?” – Ivelisse, Graphic Designer

Breakfast Menu Inspiration

For those in our New York market who are looking for a celebration treat, our vendor Bagel and Bean offers a unique and fun bloody mary bar, which (along with the alcohol) consists of tomato juice, horseradish, hot sauce, bacon, as well as variety of vegetables. Make sure you check it out!

Fun Fact: Both the Bloody Mary and mimosa are believed to have originated more than 80 years ago!

BREAKFAST-ON-THE-GO: Bagel or Donut [or Breakfast Burrito]?

Winner: Breakfast burrito

Overheard from the C2Me Team

“Bagels or donuts? Breakfast burritos always!” – Thomas, San Francisco Account Manager

Breakfast Menu Inspiration

For those in our Chicago market, our vendor Babycakes Gourmet offers adorable and delicious mini breakfast burritos, in case one large one is not cute enough for you. A great and easy finger-food option for a morning team meeting!

Fun Fact: Little William Harm’s Burrito Shack claims to have created the breakfast burrito in the 1970s, filling a tortilla with bacon and potatoes and serving it with chili and cheese.

LIGHTER OPTION: Oatmeal or Granola?

Winner: Granola

Overheard from the C2Me Team
Granola is “an easy prep, commuter-friendly, [and does not entail] hogging the microwave in the kitchen.” – Kim, HR Manager

Breakfast Menu Inspiration

For those in the Los Angeles area who are looking to start off the New Year health-conscious, our vendor Arda’s Cafe offers a delightful make-your-own parfait bar, which includes granola, as well as a selection of yogurts and assorted berries. Refreshing and delicious!

Fun Fact: National Granola Day was on January 21st! 

BREAKFAST POTATOES: Home Fries or Hash Browns?

Winner: Both

Overheard from the C2Me Team

“I mean, I’m potato preparation agnostic. I like it all. Quote me.” – Jonathan, Chief of Staff

Breakfast Menu Inspiration

For those in Denver who are craving potatoes in the morning, our vendor The Delectable Egg offers a delicious (and gluten free!) home fries option for breakfast – baked, diced, seasoned, and sautéed on a flat top. Nothing better!

Fun Fact: The term ‘hashed-brown potatoes’ was first mentioned by American food author Maria Parloa in 1888!

SWEET ENTREE: French Toast, Pancakes, or Waffles?

Winner: Split between pancakes and waffles

Overheard from the C2Me Team

Pancakes are “softer and fluffier so they’re better vehicles for a variety of toppings” – Taryn, New York Account Manager

Waffles are superior “because each square is a vessel for buttery syrupy sweetness” – Abbie, New York Account Manager

Breakfast Menu Inspiration

For those in our Miami market who are up for the challenge, our vendor Red Chair Catering offers a one-of-a-kind DIY waffle bar, consisting of a wide range of toppings including bacon strips and sausage links, scrambled eggs, fresh fruit and syrups, and of course, whipped cream. Definitely a can’t-miss, so be sure to check it out!

Fun Fact:The largest pancake was created in the UK, measuring 49 feet in diameter and over 6,500 pounds!



“ has been able to get our employees from all different departments together, to get away from our desks, recharge, and be able to return to our work, happy and full.”

—Ellen K., Employee Experience Specialist,