Oktoberfest is almost here!

It’s the world’s largest beer festival. Join in and honor a long-ago German royal wedding by drinking, eating, and wearing all things German.

This year, it runs from Saturday, September 22 through Sunday, October 7. That’s perfect timing, because going from Labor Day to Halloween without a celebration is too long.

Here’s how you can enjoy Oktoberfest at the office:

Have a lederhosen contest

Invite everyone to get lederhosen, to make their own, or to break out their overalls. Then, judge who wore them best. You can have categories for best long and short lederhosen, most authentic, and most ridiculous. Don’t forget to reward everyone for getting in the spirit!

Consider liquid gold prizes in addition to the bragging rights.

Hold a beer tasting

If you don’t have a team member with beer expertise, lead a beer tasting yourself. 

Make it a blind tasting to see which beer variety is most popular in your office. You can also see how well everyone can guess whether they’re drinking a stout or a pilsner. Don’t forget cider for your gluten-free team members and non-alcoholic drinks for your team members who abstain.

Settle the important debates

Start with mustard vs. no-mustard. Taste Bavarian pretzels, with and without toppings, and take a vote on which is better. Next, move to Germany’s most popular card game: Skat. After a few games, take a vote on whether people like it better than poker.

Finally, pick your office’s favorite Oktoberfest song from this list. The winning song can be played throughout your meal.

Have a German feast

Try favorites like currywurst (sausage with curry sauce), spaetzle (egg noodle), sauerbraten (beef pot roast), kartoffelpuffer (potato pancakes), or schnitzel (veal cutlet). Include pickled cabbage or egg dishes for vegetarians too.

Don’t forget the dessert! Baumkuchen (layer cake), black forest cake, or streusel are just a few of the options to taste.

You can even do cake and beer pairings.


Happy Oktoberfest!