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6 Ways Corporate Catering Can Greatly Benefit Your Workplace

Hayley Folk

August 12, 2019


With the current fast-paced, often demanding corporate world, it can become easy — for employers and employees alike — to forget about the importance of lunch-time. This is where corporate catering comes in.

“I’ll eat later,” one person may say. “I’ll just quickly eat at my desk,” another one repeats every day. “I’m fine, work is more important, I can have a snack,” is recited throughout the office. While many employees and employers feel this mentality is actually getting them ahead, in reality, it can cause negative repercussions that can wreak havoc throughout the workplace. 

But what if you could eliminate this mentality, while also having a fantastic meal every day, with no additional work on your end?

Corporate catering services allow your team the ability to continue through their workday, while also having an outstanding lunchtime experience, with ease. A variety of meals comes directly to your office — every day, right on time — for the entire workplace to enjoy. 

Introducing corporate catering into your workplace can greatly impact and benefit your workplace in ways you may have never realized. Not convinced? We’ve gathered the top 6 positive ways that corporate catering can benefit your workplace. Discover them, below.

1. Goodbye desktop dining, hello actual lunchtime with corporate catering.

A new phrase, coined as ‘desktop-dining’, is the idea that employees don’t veer away from their desks at lunchtime, but eat at their desk. Often, while they continue to work. This phenomena has become more and more common over the years, as work expectations become more demanding, and the feeling of constantly have to go-go-go takes over. 

Not only is desktop dining bad for productivity, it is also bad for employee wellbeing. Employees naturally need a break in their day; a place away from their desk where they can recenter, enjoy their meal and feel they have had a solid break in their workday. Without it, employees often feel tired, burnt out and overwhelmed.

By bringing in corporate catering, everyone in the workplace has an incentive to get up from their desk, grab a delicious meal and enjoy it amongst colleagues, friends and even their boss. Catering lunch can eliminate the frequency of desktop dining, giving employees and employers a chance to truly hit the refresh button, returning to work energized and ready to conquer their tasks.

2. Teams will become, well, close-knit teams.

When a company brings in corporate catering, teams have a chance to engage in a different way: sharing a meal together. While it might seem really simple, sharing a meal can do a lot for human connection and changing dynamics. The very act of enjoying lunch together can bring teams closer, to share experiences, life stories and fun moments that would not have happened otherwise.

Allowing teams the option to come together, every day for their lunch, creates a space for the development of a close-knit group which can translate well into the work environment.

3. Employees will feel valued and cared for.

Everyone likes to feel valued and cared for, right? This includes employees and employers in any workplace. By bringing in corporate catering, daily, employees are able to have a great experience thanks to their company. They don’t have to spend extra money on their lunch, dealing with the hassle of ordering in or picking up is eliminated and they know they’ll always have options that suit their needs. (i.e. vegetarian or vegan options, accommodations for allergies, etc.)

While it may seem small, employees will begin to feel valued and cared for simply because of a daily meal. Corporate catering allows for an ease and convenience that everyone loves. 

4. Your workplace will show support for the local community. Who doesn’t love that?

While also benefiting your own workplace, corporate catering can also benefit your local community. Often, catering companies partner with local restaurants and vendors in the area. By ordering lunch daily, you can help support a variety of locals: family-owned restaurants, small vendors, people who have created exquisite cuisines in your neighborhood, etc. 

Employees will appreciate that, along with getting unique, amazing meals daily, they’re enjoying and taking part in supporting the local community.

5. An increase in productivity, instead of burn out.

When a team doesn’t take a break at work, the results can be negative over time. While some think that lunchtime distracts from the work they could be accomplishing, the opposite effect actually occurs. 

By skipping out on lunchtime, employees never truly get a refresh, and can experience burn out. Burn out is exactly what it sounds like: a lack of motivation, energy or ability to continue working on a project successfully, because you haven’t given your body or mind the proper rest it needs.

Stepping away from your desk, to experience a delectable meal, can give you the break you need in your day, boosting your productivity when you return to work.

6. Contributing to workplace happiness? Yes, please.

There are many factors that contribute to overall workplace happiness. Contrary to popular belief, employee workplace happiness does not just come from pay, but many other areas as well: recognition, opportunity, flexibility and much more play a part. 

You didn’t think lunch could contribute, did you? In recent years, catered meals have become a huge draw for many in the job-seeking process. It can also be a huge contributor to overall workplace happiness, perks and benefits. By adding corporate catering to your list of benefits, employees and employers could experience greater workplace happiness overall. 

It’s true: corporate catering really can benefit your workplace. Just try it for yourself – you’ll see what we mean.

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“ has been able to get our employees from all different departments together, to get away from our desks, recharge, and be able to return to our work, happy and full.”

—Ellen K., Employee Experience Specialist,