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Corporate Catering Breakfast Ideas That Are Sure To Win Your Team Over

Hayley Folk

September 4, 2019


Picture this: you walk in on a Monday morning to be greeted with a corporate catering breakfast perfectly put together for you and your team. Instead of rushing around, mindlessly grabbing a quick breakfast — or skipping the most important meal of the day altogether — you could have a hearty, fulfilling breakfast with your team. 

But when it comes to choosing corporate catering breakfast options that everyone will like, it can be a bit tricky to navigate. Is someone on your team vegan or vegetarian? What about gluten-free? Make sure you get something everyone can eat. And that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. 

Check out these unique, fun corporate catering breakfast ideas that are sure to win your team over.

Continental Corporate Catering Breakfast You’ll Love

When it comes to breakfast options for the office, the main priority is to have something for everyone. And that is exactly what you’ll get with the option of a continental corporate catering breakfast. You may be wondering what a continental breakfast has to offer. The real question is what doesn’t it have to offer?

When you think of a continental breakfast, think: 

  • Fresh, house-made bagels with a million different spread options including jams, cream cheese, vegan options and more.
  • Toast — sourdough, wheat, white, rye, cinnamon raisin, etc. — with a choice of assorted jams, spreads, avocado and butter.
  • Pastries galore! If you enjoy delicious muffins and flaky croissants you might just love this. 
  • Sometimes, continental breakfasts also include eggs and another type of protein for your enjoyment. Eggs and bacon, eggs and sausage or eggs and avocado are usually paired together.
  • All the juice and coffee you could ever want. Orange, grapefruit, cranberry, apple — you name it. Whether you’re an extra bold coffee drinker or the decaf kind, this includes it all. Oh, and we can’t forget the cream and sugar options. 

Quick and Easy Breakfast Options For The Team On The Move

When your team is constantly on the go — whether they are out of the office for an event, in meetings or just busy bodies — they may not have time to sit and spend time at a breakfast buffet. But no matter what your team is up to, breakfast is must-have fuel for the day. Try these, instead:

  • Handy, easy-to-grab parfait cups. A little yogurt, a dash of granola and some delicious fruit on top. The perfect breakfast for every member of the team.
  • Overnight oats! These cups of deliciousness can be delivered, to perfection, so your team can grab and go. Whether you go for the strawberry and chocolate oats, the vegan friendly option or banana and brown sugar, overnight oats are a filling, healthy breakfast option for everyone.
  • All the tasty toast options! Everyone loves avocado toast, right? If not, what about toast with peanut butter and banana on top? These pre-made toasts are easy to grab, easy to eat on-the-go and are sure to leave your team full. 

Customizable, Tasty Acai Bowls & Smoothies 

Whether you consider yourself a super health conscious person or not, I think we can all agree that smoothies and acai bowls are delicious. It’s simply a bonus that they are something you can feel good about eating. Try going with a customizable, tasty acai bowl or smoothie station. Your team can choose from various smoothie options to fit their taste preference, dietary restrictions and more.

The Cereal Bar You Dreamed About as a Kid

We don’t know about you, but as kids, we used to sit in front of the TV watching our Saturday morning cartoons with our favorite cereal in hand. Consider featuring a cereal bar for your team — you can include both healthy options as well as the sugary-sweet cereals you ate as a kid. Finish it off with both milk and dairy-free options like almond milk, oat milk or cashew milk for the members of your team who are lactose-intolerant, vegan or just have a dietary preferences.

Crepes? Yes Please.

Another fun option is to feature a made-to-order crepe station. If you haven’t had a crepe, you should. Crepes are essentially super thin pancakes, folded and filled with different toppings, either making them sweet or savory. Fill them with endless options — from a basic powdered sugar crepe, strawberries and Nutella or a savory spinach and sun-dried tomatoes crepe — the end product can be anything you want it to be. And the best part? Everyone is happy with their breakfast with the team. 

Goodbye $7 Coffee Shop Prices, Hello Artisan Coffee in The Office

Instead of spending $7 on a subpar coffee, pair your office breakfast with artisan coffee, made in your office. Everyone on your team will love it — minus the non-coffee drinkers, who can then just stick with a juice — and it will be a great way to get people together.

corporate catering breakfast

There are so many amazing ways to bring your team together for the most important meal of the day. What will you choose?




“ has been able to get our employees from all different departments together, to get away from our desks, recharge, and be able to return to our work, happy and full.”

—Ellen K., Employee Experience Specialist,