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8 Ways Office Snacks Can Improve Workplace Productivity

Olivia Kelley

October 24, 2019


When it comes to increasing productivity at work, food probably isn’t the first thing to come to mind. Lucky for you, we think about food all the time, and it’s importance. And that includes office snacks — they’re more important than you think. According to the World Health Organization, having adequate nutrition throughout the day can improve productivity by an average of 20 percent! In our blog, 12 Ways to Increase Office Productivity, we talk about the importance of healthy snacking when it comes to being productive at work. Read more to find out how snacks can improve productivity in your office now.

1. Office Snacks Give Employees a Boost

Think about those times when you are sitting at your desk, trying to focus on what you need to do, but you hit a slump. It can be difficult to concentrate and stay awake right around midday when your energy is low. Eating a healthy snack can give you the boost you need to refocus and crank out the rest of those projects in the last few hours of the day. It’s important to stay fueled when you’re at work, especially when sitting and staring at a screen all day.

2. Help Build Community

Snacks can be a fun way to get everyone involved in the office. You can ask your team what treats they want to have around the office and collaborate to come up with the best healthy options for your office. This will make your employees feel like you value and appreciate them. It also lets them know that you have a desire to meet their needs and that their input matters. Make it a group effort and build up your community with food!

3. Allows Employees to Take a Break

This is often easier said than done, but it’s actually very important to take breaks throughout the work day in order to stay productive. Having snacks available in the office gives your team an excuse to take a 5-10 minute break from time to time and recharge with some food. Studies have shown that our bodies need this 5-10 minute break every hour and a half in order to stay productive and focused. That, in combination with the fact that snacking throughout the day is a healthier way to keep energy levels high, is reason enough to keep office snacks available.

4. Food Makes People Happy

It’s no secret that eating makes people happy. When your team is happy, they show up ready to work hard and be productive. Something as simple as keeping their favorite snacks available in the office could automatically increase productivity just by improving their mood. Bonus points if you also provide catered office meals!

5. Healthy snacks = Increased Concentration

Sometimes the right snack is all you need to refocus and concentrate on the work at hand. It can be easy to get bored and distracted at work. Snacking helps keep you full and happy, so you can concentrate better. Granted, some foods are more helpful for concentration than others. Try snacking on blueberries, dark chocolate, green tea and bananas!

6. Keeps People Full, Focused & Ready to Work

When you’re hungry, you are less likely to be able to focus. Office snacks help to keep your team fueled throughout the day and avoid hunger pains. Knowing they have access to food if and when they need it will allow them to rest easy and not worry about when they will get to eat next. This will allow people to focus on their individual projects and have something to snack on when they get hungry!

7. Eliminates The Stress of Having to Pack Snacks

Getting out the door in the morning can already seem like a juggling act. When you add having to think about packing food and snacks into the equation, it just makes things more stressful and may even result in lateness. Having food available to your team when they come into work, takes one thing off their plate (pun unintended) and allows them to get to work faster. They know that when they come in, they will have something to eat even if they didn’t have time to make breakfast or pack food that morning.

8. Employees Don’t Feel Helpless if They Can’t Leave to Get Snacks

Depending on your work environment, it may be stressful for employees to find time to leave and get food during the day. Again, many people don’t have time to pack a lunch or snacks in the morning, and then it can be a hassle to leave work to pick something up during the day. Knowing they have snacks available helps lessen that stress and provides them with fuel even on their busiest days. This will allow them to focus on work and be more productive, knowing they have access to food no matter what.

Office snacks are the way to go if you want a fast, fun and delicious way to increase your workplace productivity! Not convinced yet? Give it a try. Pick out some of your favorite healthy, go-to snacks and watch as office culture improves and productivity shoots up. We promise you won’t regret it!



“ has been able to get our employees from all different departments together, to get away from our desks, recharge, and be able to return to our work, happy and full.”

—Ellen K., Employee Experience Specialist,