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How To Get Your Team in The Holiday Spirit

Hayley Folk

November 21, 2019


It’s nearing that time of year again — Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and as quickly as it comes, it will go — leaving us with December’s holidays to arrive and with it, the holiday spirit and festivities. Or, that’s the idea anyways.

While many people enjoy this time of year, sometimes, we need an extra boost to get ourselves into the holiday spirit. And that includes your team. Maybe the holidays have snuck up on your team this year and the holiday spirit hasn’t quite yet filled the office. But no worries there — you still have time to get your team involved and feeling festive.

In need of ideas to get your office team in the holiday spirit? We’ve put together a few ideas that we think are sure to help bring in the fun. Read more, here: 

1. Bring The Festivities — and Holiday Spirit — in With New Decor

One of the most common ways to bringing in the festivities is to decorate for the season. Not only will your team enjoy the change of scenery, but they will also enjoy having the opportunity to decorate the office space together, creating stronger bonds while doing something fun. 

But what are some decor options that every holiday season needs? Try some of these ideas:

  • Put up a Christmas tree together in the office! This could be as simple as putting up a fake tree that you can use every year, or getting your hands on a live tree, to decorate as a team. And each team member can bring a few ornaments to incorporate, making each person feel included, and feel their holiday spirits lifted.
  • Decorate your office desks or cubicles in holiday garb! Each team member can have creative freedom with their workspace, while showing off their holiday preferences, and getting in the spirit of this time of year.

2. Get Competitive With Holiday Themed Contests 

Sometimes, a little competition can be a good thing. And it is especially good in igniting the holiday spirit. Try incorporating these competitive holiday themed contests to get your team excited!

  • Host an ugly sweater contest. Everyone loves creating their own ugly sweater, hunting down a hideous find at the nearest thrift store and showcasing it to win best, ugliest sweater, right? Try it out! It’s sure to bring your team together, for laughs, and holiday joy.
  • Are there any bakers in your office? Let’s find out. Host a best holiday pie contest — the winner gets a holiday trophy! Not only will your team love participating (and eating!) but it will fill the office with the sweet scent of holiday pies.
  • If not a baker, perhaps someone from your team has a holiday meal tradition that they have in their own lives. Challenge your team to bring their best dish to a holiday potluck. The winner gets named as the best holiday chef!

3. Bring Your Own Office Elf on The Shelf To Life

Have you ever heard of The Elf on The Shelf? It’s a fun, unique tradition with the cutest little elf. Typically, families buy their own Elf on The Shelf, and during the holiday season, the little elf can “move around” and be found each day in different spots of the house. It can be a great way to get in the holiday spirit — just see what the little elf does next!

In the same vein, your office could have its own Elf on The Shelf throughout the holiday season. Each day, the first person to spot the elf may win a special prize, like festive candy! Let’s see what the little elf might do: making copies at the printer, hanging at the water cooler or even taking over someone’s desk. Either way, the elf is sure to bring the holiday spirit wherever he goes!

4. Be Inclusive to All Backgrounds

During the holidays, it is important to recognize that not everyone celebrates the same thing. And it is important to honor those different holidays as well, in the office, so that everyone feels included in the festive fun. For example, if someone celebrates Hanukkah versus Christmas, incorporate a menorah in the office decorations. 

No matter what, the holidays should be a time of celebration, giving, and inclusivity for all. Make sure your office is doing all it can to strive for that — that way, everyone can experience the holiday spirit. 

5. Enjoy Festive Foods Together as a Team

Food, food, food! You’ve come to the right place. At, we believe great food should always be a staple in the office. But it is also something that can really spark the holiday spirit in many people. If you’re at a loss for how to get your team in the spirit, try having festive foods to share in the workplace. Not only will your team eat well, they will feel more festive, because of it!

6. Host Your Own Office Holiday Party

Want to really bring the holiday spirit in? Host your own office holiday party. This is a great way to get the team together for all the festive, fun-filled time. At your office party, you can enjoy a great holiday food together, have your ugly sweater content, enjoy baked goodies and enjoy the decor you’ve put up. All in all, it will be a really great time.

7. Host an End of The Year Award Ceremony — Holiday Themed!

Honoring your employees and their hard work is important. Plus, a fun and encouraging way to get your team further in the holiday spirit is to have an end of the year award ceremony at your office holiday gathering. The awards can be holiday themed, funny and even more serious too. Whatever they are, your team will be sure to love the gesture, laughs and feeling acknowledged in the hard work as the holidays approach.

Let’s go! With these tips, you’re sure to lift the holiday spirits in your office and bring on the festivities that come with this time of year. Enjoy!



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