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Why a Positive Workplace Culture is Sweeter Than a Snow Day

Olivia Kelley

November 26, 2019


If you have a positive workplace culture in your office, you know just how sweet it is. In our weekly blog series, Culture Collective, we’ve had the opportunity to talk with office professionals from varying industries about the importance of workplace culture, how it can vary from company to company and what makes their company culture unique. Through this, we’ve found that many companies attribute their success to creating a positive culture at work that keeps their employees happy, motivated and an overall better employee experience. We put together a list of why we think positive workplace cultures are sweeter than a snow day. Read more below.

A Positive Workplace Culture Improves Teamwork

Positive work environment encourages creativity, professional development, and employee engagement between team members. Inevitably, this will bring your office closer together and create bonds between employees. Teams that work well together will ultimately be more successful and happier than teams that work in constant isolation.

A Positive Work Culture Increases Productivity

When your team has a positive company culture, the result is a higher quality of output. Workplace cultures that promote business and stress might still get results, but the result probably won’t be your team’s good work. A workspace that encourages taking risks, while allowing for failure from time to time, will allow people to put their best foot forward and increase employee performance and employee growth.

It Makes People want to stick around

When a company has a high employee retention rate, that’s often a pretty good indicator that the culture is poor. Positive workplace cultures encourage longevity and company buy-in from their employees. People want to stick around when they enjoy going into the office every day. When work feels like, well… work, your team might start looking to go elsewhere.

Work Is Something Your Team Can Look Forward To

The sweetest part of a positive workplace culture is that work doesn’t have to be something your team dreads. People will actually look forward to coming into the office when there is a positive culture in place, an inclusive workplace, and has a work-life balance. People know that coming to work means connecting with friends, supporting a company they believe in and doing work that they enjoy which means happy employees!

Goals And Responsibilities Are Clear

When it comes to work, people don’t want to have to guess what their responsibilities should entail especially new employees. It’s great to encourage people to take action when they see something that needs to be done. However, it’s even more important to clearly identify and articulate what individual goals and projects people should be working on. When everyone knows what they are supposed to do, it’s less likely that things will be forgotten or pushed to the wayside. 

Work Is A Safe Place

This is a big one. Positive workplace cultures create a safe, inclusive space for everyone to not only be their authentic selves, but to have a support system in place when they need it especially in high-pressure situations. Everyone goes through hard times and crises in and outside of work from time to time. Your team shouldn’t be afraid to ask for a mental health day or let you know when something has made them uncomfortable.  When your employees can feel safe expressing their needs, it can help employee well-being. 

The office feels like one big family

A positive workplace culture should encourage connection and camaraderie among teammates. When this happens, it’s nice to come into work feeling like the office is just one big family. Your coworkers are people you can be yourself around, they make you feel safe, and they have your back when things get tough.

You are set up for success/growth

Positive workplace cultures encourage and foster growth. When work is a safe and great work environment, there is room for employees to take risks and fail from time to time. That failure will ultimately lead to learning and growth and high job satisfaction which will eventually result in business success. You and your team will feel empowered by your office support system to take the company further!

Your job is not micromanaged

When your job is constantly being micromanaged and hyper-analyzed, it can feel demeaning and create a stressful environment. A positive culture should mean you are given space and trust to do your job and do it well. No one can do their best work with someone breathing down their necks all the time. 

The bottom line is we really do think positive workplace cultures are the sweetest! Snow days only come around every once in a while, but work is five days a week, year-round. So why not make sure your workplace makes coming into the office a little more fun? Look forward to those snow days a little less and to work a little more.



“ has been able to get our employees from all different departments together, to get away from our desks, recharge, and be able to return to our work, happy and full.”

—Ellen K., Employee Experience Specialist,