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Group Ordering: Flexible Subsidy Options

Jonathan Altshuler

August 19, 2020


Our Group Ordering platform has many dynamic features designed to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients, from meal customizations to fluctuating headcounts.

For companies looking to subsidize their employees’ meals, we offer two models:

  • Flexible Subsidies
  • Fixed Price Programs

We’ll go into detail about Flexible Subsidies below and discuss our Fixed Price feature in a future post (coming soon).

With Flexible Subsidies, companies can offer a specific credit amount on each meal or provide a set allowance on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even quarterly basis.

Meal-Specific Subsidies

Meal-specific subsidies are a great way to provide a set credit amount per employee per meal and are particularly useful for teams with set schedules.

There are some great benefits to offering a meal-specific credit:

  • Companies can choose the exact subsidy amount for each meal. For example, offer $12 for daily lunches, $15 for daily dinners, and $20 for meals on the weekends.
  • Employees can spend their meal-specific credits towards any available items. As long as their order total, including tax, is less than their subsidy, they’ll be able to submit their cart.
  • If an employee chooses to order more than the value of their credit, they can easily pay the overage by adding their credit card information.
  • Regardless of the company subsidy offered, the company is charged only for the credits used for each meal.

Employees can easily monitor their subsidy from the dashboard.

Recurring Allowances

Companies with shift workers and inconsistent employee schedules can benefit from a recurring allowance model, which ensures team members have access to a certain credit amount over a given time, regardless of when they’re in the office. These allowances are also helpful for companies offering multiple meals per day.

Recurring allowances are automatically replenished on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. With this method, team members:

  • Can apply their allowance towards one or more meals
  • Maintain a flexible schedule and never worry about losing out on company credits if they miss a meal
  • Easily track their remaining balance in the account
  • Pay out of pocket for anything they order over and above their allowance

Reducing Waste and Saving Your Budget

Our Group Ordering platform helps reduce food waste by ensuring only those team members who are in the office receive food, and with our flexible subsidy options, companies have a variety of ways to keep meals within their budget, regardless of their team’s schedules.

Contact us to learn more about our flexible subsidy options or read on to learn about the following topics:



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