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Group Ordering: Fixed Price Programs

Jonathan Altshuler

August 27, 2020


Group Ordering, our platform for customizable individual meals, incorporates versatility at every turn. We understand that companies need flexible options when it comes to covering the cost of employee meals.

For companies looking to subsidize their employees’ meals, we offer two models:

  • Flexible Subsidies
  • Fixed Price Programs

We covered Flexible Subsidies in a previous post. We’ll share more below about our second model, Fixed Price Programs.

With a Fixed Price program, employees choose from a curated set of budget-friendly options for each meal, with no visibility into item prices or company subsidies. builds each menu with items specifically designed to fall within the company’s given budget.

Fixed Price Benefits for Employees

Offering a fixed, per-meal budget presents many advantages for the individuals on your team:

  • Employees enjoy a simple two-click checkout experience, making meal selection for the week easy to complete in minutes
  • Employees don’t have to worry about payment of any kind and have no visibility into meal costs
  • All menu options are within company’s set budget
  • curates a variety of vendors and delicious menus, all with the team’s tastes and dietary restrictions in mind
Two-Click Checkout

Employees enjoy a quick two-click checkout process with Fixed Price

Fixed Price Benefits for Companies

The Fixed Price model is designed to keep corporate meal programs efficient and budget-friendly:

  • Companies provide an all-inclusive, hassle-free experience for their team, fueling productivity while showing appreciation.
  • For companies used to family-style meals that don’t provide employees insight into meal costs, this is a great way to offer customized individual meals without pricing visibility.
  • Separate funds allocated for each meal ensures team members will not run out of budget too quickly and can always order a company-covered meal when given the option.
  • One meal per employee (plus any extra ordered by the host) with no additional items guarantees an extremely quick and efficient distribution process.

Fixed Price is a great option for companies that want to simplify their employees’ Group Ordering experience and is a great alternative to providing flexible subsidies.

Contact us to learn more about all of our pricing options, and be sure to check out our other  posts on Group Ordering:



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