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TBD + Envoy: Technology Solutions for the Post-Pandemic Workplace

Jonathan Altshuler

Jonathan Altshuler

June 4, 2021


Over the past several months, as we connected with companies all across the country, we’ve spent a lot of time discussing flexible workplaces. Whether targeting a full return or developing a model for a long-term hybrid workplace, most return-to-work strategies are beginning with an initial “phase-in” approach, slowly reintegrating their teams back into the workplace on a hybrid schedule. In this new landscape, companies are faced with unfamiliar challenges like managing variable office headcounts, restricting attendance based on office capacity limits, provisioning flexible seating arrangements, and administering tailored catering solutions that can accomodate the need for increased flexibility.

When we launched our Group Ordering platform in April 2020, we prioritized flexibility and automation, and we’ve since worked with clients in a wide variety of ways to customize their programs to solve for each company’s unique goals. Whether a client wants to incentivize their team to come in only 3 days each week by offering a $15 meal subsidy limited to 3 uses per week, or a company prefers to remove pricing altogether and allow their team to order meals from a fixed set menu each day, the flexibility and customization we’ve offered our clients has been key in helping them create successful programs aligned with their return-to-work strategy.

Realizing that workplace automation and flexibility were core to enhancing the client experience, we endeavored to find a strong workplace management partner, which led us to Envoy. Today, we’re excited to announce our partnership with Envoy, a leading innovator in the workplace management space and a partner with whom we already share many clients. With + Envoy, we’re able to leverage Envoy’s comprehensive workplace data solutions to bring automation and flexibility to the next level, reducing costs for our clients and saving our points of contact significant time.

Let’s take a look at what exactly this partnership can do for your office.

Enhanced Catering Controls + Envoy

Leveraging Envoy Protect

  • Require team member registration to place catering orders
  • Synchronize office capacity and catering limits
  • Save your team time updating multiple platforms
  • Cut down on wasted food
  • Save money by eliminating unneeded meals

In an effort to enforce daily attendance limits as companies phase staff back into the office, many companies are asking staff to register for the specific days they’d like to attend. Through our integration with Envoy Protect, which provides an elegant solution for office attendance management, you can now restrict ordering to only those employees who have received approval to come into the office on that particular day, helping reduce cost and waste by eliminating unneeded meals while simultaneously driving adoption of your attendance management application. + Envoy

Making it Easier on Your Office Admins

  • Simplify change management
  • Automatically add users to based on Envoy sign-ups
  • Automate ordering for extra meals and guests

Hands-Off User Provisioning

As staff join, relocate to other offices, or leave your organization, + Envoy can lighten the burden on your office administrators by ensuring all appropriate staff members are automatically added or removed from your catering programs, eliminating the need for separate invites.

By mapping Envoy location data to your meal groups, can automatically add new team members to the right meal programs when they’re added to Envoy, enabling team members to start placing orders immediately without the need for a separate invitation. We can also automatically remove relocated or inactive members, ensuring – in real-time – that only active members are able to place orders.

Smarter Meal Automation

Drawing on Envoy’s real-time employee and visitor registration data, we’re able to enrich our popular Backup Plan functionality, which allows companies to set up automatic orders of defined quantities of omnivore, vegan, vegetarian and allergen-friendly meals. Through our integration, we’re now able to sync order quantities based on a specific day’s attendance. By comparing the number of employees and visitors registered to come into the office with the number of orders already placed on any given day, can automatically order the right number of additional meals to ensure everyone – your staff, your guests, or both – are accounted for without having to worry about overordering and waste. Say goodbye to your responsibility to monitor daily headcounts to ensure accurate and sufficient portioning.

Integrated On-site Logistics (coming soon)

With companies considering ways to maximize the efficiency and safety of their workplace, many are utilizing hot-desk and flexible desk assignments solutions to adapt their spaces for safety and flexibility. This means that your team members may be sitting in different spaces, on different floors, on different days. Through our integration with Envoy Desks, we’re able to associate employee orders with specific desk locations, ensuring we deliver each team member’s meal to the right location on the right day, wherever they may be. We realize your workplace demands a new level of flexibility, and through our partnership with Envoy, we’re delivering a level of automation and flexibility to match.

Is + Envoy right for me?

If you have a regularly scheduled catering program in place for your office (or you’re interested in setting one up), this integration could be perfect for your team. Implementation is easy and can be done in a matter of minutes. As a client, your dedicated account manager can help with any specifics related to your program’s configuration and introduce you to our dedicated Envoy partners for help setting up an Envoy account if you don’t already have one.

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“ has been able to get our employees from all different departments together, to get away from our desks, recharge, and be able to return to our work, happy and full.”

—Ellen K., Employee Experience Specialist,