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No, AI Won’t Replace your HR Job

Brigitte Xu

July 11, 2023


How ChatGPT Can Support, Not Supplant, HR Professionals

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly taking center stage in global discussions surrounding the future of work. Fears of automation replacing humans in the workforce, potentially affecting up to 300 million full-time jobs, frequently dominate these conversations, and this is particularly pertinent to HR departments because it is suggested that AI will replace HR jobs and HR departments.

Although we have yet to see if this will be true, it’s important to note that AI technology, at its current stage, isn’t primed to supplant the entirety of HR work. Instead, AI, particularly generative tools like ChatGPT, can be harnessed to augment the human touch in HR processes, enhancing productivity, effectiveness, and even job satisfaction. Here are three key ways in which AI can assist rather than replace HR professionals.

Elevating HR Tasks to a New Level of Enjoyment and Fulfillment

Even though there is fear that AI is taking over HR jobs, it can fundamentally transform the HR experience, adding a new dimension of joy and fulfillment to the role. In a webinar by Paradox on How AI will transform the way we work, technology advisor Diana McKenzie mentions how professionals can have “tedium in their jobs, and that is sometimes a very good portion of what they do.” McKenzie suggests that AI can help by absorbing the repetitive, time-consuming aspects of the job, allowing HR professionals to engage in more strategic, high-value tasks that offer greater satisfaction.

For instance, a significant portion of HR tasks involve writing—be it drafting job descriptions, creating company-wide communications, or crafting emails. Generative AI tools like ChatGPT can significantly expedite these tasks, providing a starting point or even a complete draft that can be refined as needed. This automation of administrative work allows HR professionals to concentrate on areas that require human insight and understanding, such as facilitating difficult conversations and complex dynamics between colleagues in the workplace, thereby making their roles more gratifying.

Enhancing HR Effectiveness Through Personalization and Rapid Information Delivery

AI can significantly enhance the performance of HR professionals, empowering them to deliver highly personalized experiences to candidates and employees alike, regardless of geographical boundaries. Suppose a company based in New York City is recruiting candidates in London. Candidates in London may value different specifics of a job, or the compensation structure may be different. In that case, ChatGPT can be leveraged to tailor job postings to the unique demands and nuances of the London job market. 

Beyond recruitment, generative AI tools can serve as an instant knowledge base for employees, and can be developed to rapidly answer questions based on existing company documentation. Topics could range from company policies, such as benefits information, to technical assistance with company tools. This 24/7 availability of information contributes to a more engaged, informed, and satisfied workforce while easing the burden on HR professionals.

Preserving Human Insight in Decision-Making and Quality Control

While AI tools like ChatGPT can offer valuable insights, reduce workloads, and contribute to more effective HR processes, they still cannot replace the human judgment and decision-making abilities that are central to the HR function. 

Particularly in sensitive areas like hiring, concerns around data privacy and bias necessitate a careful blend of AI assistance and human oversight. AI can suggest, but it still requires a human professional to make the final call, ensuring the fairness, accuracy, and integrity of the process. Just as HR teams may use ChatGPT to generate job descriptions, candidates could use the tool to write resumes and cover letters. This reality underscores the importance of HR professionals remaining vigilant in identifying the best talent, illustrating the irreplaceable value of human involvement. 

As economist Richard Baldwin said at the World Economic Forum’s Growth Summit, “AI won’t take your job. It’s somebody using AI that will take your job.”  AI’s current role in HR should not be seen as a threat of replacement, but rather as an opportunity for growth, productivity enhancement, and job enrichment. With tools like ChatGPT, HR professionals can navigate the digital age confidently, backed by the power of AI, while preserving the essential human touch that makes their roles so vital.



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