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3 People Leaders Inspiring Us Right Now

Brigitte Xu

July 21, 2023


More than ever, having outstanding people leaders steering a company’s ship is paramount. These are individuals who inspire teams, drive strategic vision, and foster cultures that breed innovation and inclusivity. We asked our team members to submit their favorite leaders whom they follow and feel inspired by. 

Today, we turn the spotlight on three such leaders currently making their mark in the industry.

1. Stephanie Garcia – Chief People Officer at Uniphore

Leading our list is Stephanie Garcia, the Chief People Officer at Uniphore, an industry trailblazer in conversational service automation. From what we’ve read, Garcia has masterfully redefined the role of human resources within the tech sector with her strategic and people-centered approach.

Garcia’s tenure at Uniphore has been marked by a strong focus on employee well-being, innovation, and collaboration. Coming from an extensive career at different technology companies, she’s adept at crafting highly effective talent management strategies and extensive learning and development programs, leading to impressive employee satisfaction rates and low attrition. Guided by a ‘People First’ philosophy, Garcia’s influence has seemed to reshape Uniphore’s HR policies, setting new benchmarks in the tech industry and proving that a nurturing, supportive work environment is pivotal to organizational success.

2. Joelle Emerson – Founder and CEO of Paradigm

Next up is Joelle Emerson, Founder and CEO of Paradigm, a firm specializing in diversity and inclusion strategy. Her and her colleagues work with some of the world’s most innovative companies by offering training, DEI strategy and analytics consulting and resources to help them become more inclusive. Emerson is celebrated for her transformative work in driving systemic change within organizations by helping them confront and overcome unconscious bias.

Emerson and her firm have worked with numerous companies to help shift their perspectives on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), leading to more diverse and inclusive workplaces. Paradigm’s data-driven approach to challenging systemic inequities has established her as an industry front-runner. We admire her because her influence extends beyond shaping corporate cultures; she’s driving industry practices by spearheading the DEI conversation. 

3. Ruchika Tulshyan – Founder of Candour

Rounding off our list is Ruchika Tulshyan, the founder of Candour, a firm that specializes in advising organizations on diversity and inclusion strategies. A thought leader and award-winning author, Tulshyan’s work is centered around creating equitable workplaces where everyone can thrive.

Tulshyan has been a strong advocate for diversity, inclusion, and gender equity in the workplace. She has worked with organizations globally to embed diversity and inclusion into their DNA, demonstrating a clear link between these factors and business success. Her trailblazing work in challenging biases, dismantling structural obstacles, and advocating for women of color in leadership positions has positioned her as a catalyst for change within the industry. Her most recent book, Inclusion on Purpose, provides cutting edge best practices to  meaningfully neutralize workplace bias and foster inclusive environments. 

Stephanie Garcia, Joelle Emerson, and Ruchika Tulshyan represent the inspiring leadership we need in today’s business environment. With their transformative leadership styles, novel strategies, and steadfast commitment to creating supportive workspaces, they truly stand out. Each of them is carving the future of work and showing that putting people at the core of business strategy is the key to success. Their journeys serve as powerful reminders of the potency of visionary leadership and its positive implications for both employees and organizations. 



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