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Dos and Don’ts of Food Truck Catering

Brigitte Xu

December 12, 2023


Food truck catering is an excellent option for adding character and convenience to your event, and a great way to ensure a memorable and hassle-free dining experience for you and your guests. But to make the most of these rolling restaurants, it’s crucial to follow some key Dos and Don’ts.

Do: Research and Select the Right Food Truck

When choosing a food truck for your event, do your homework. Look for trucks with a track record of successful events, positive customer reviews, and a menu that suits your guests’ preferences. Ensure they can handle the size and scope of your event, from the number of guests to the variety of dietary needs. Also, check if they have all the necessary permits and insurance to operate at your chosen venue.

Don’t: Ignore Your Venue’s Rules 

Many venues have specific regulations regarding food trucks. These can include restrictions on where trucks can park, use of generators, and waste disposal. Make sure you’re clear on these rules and communicate them with your food truck operator to avoid any last-minute hiccups or added fees.

Do: Plan for Space and Setup

Food trucks are large, and they need space not just for parking but also for queues of guests. Ensure there’s ample room for the truck and its service windows and consider the flow of traffic around the serving area. If you are having multiple trucks, space them out to prevent crowding and to give your guests variety without confusion.

Don’t: Overlook the Weather

Weather can play a significant role in the success of your food truck catering experience. Have a contingency plan for rain or extreme weather conditions. This could be as simple as a rented tent or as complex as an indoor backup plan. Inform the food truck operators of these plans as well so they can be prepared.

Do: Provide Diverse Menu Options

A major advantage of food trucks is the variety they can offer. Choose trucks that provide a range of culinary options, catering to common dietary restrictions and allergies. This inclusivity ensures all your guests can find something to enjoy, which is especially important if the food truck is the primary food source for the event.

Don’t: Forget About Timing 

Work with the food truck operators to establish a timeline for your event. Discuss how long it takes to serve their dishes and the speed at which they can serve a crowd. This information is vital to avoid long lines and waiting times, which can dampen the mood of your event. You might need to stagger serving times or have multiple trucks to accommodate large groups swiftly.

Do: Communicate Clearly with Your Food Truck

Communication is key. Make sure you have discussed every detail with the food truck operators before the event. This includes the event schedule, menu choices, the number of guests, and any special requests. Clear communication will help avoid any misunderstandings and ensure that the service is smooth and professional.

Don’t: Skimp on the Extras 

While food trucks are the main attraction, don’t forget the extras that make dining a pleasure. This includes seating arrangements, lighting, trash receptacles, and even entertainment. These elements are essential for guest comfort and convenience, and they contribute to the overall ambiance of your event.

Food truck catering brings a unique, fun vibe to any event.  At, we have been putting on food truck events for years and have a list of trusted and delicious food trucks that are sure to impress. DO consider food trucks for your next event and DON’T hesitate to inquire about our offerings!



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