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Corporate Breakfast Catering

Jumpstart the day with delicious catered meals

Whether it’s a regular perk or an occasional breakfast delivery, welcoming the team in the morning with a catered breakfast is a great way to kick off the day.’s network of local chefs and restaurant partners can provide everything you need -- from coffee and croissants to huevos rancheros and made to order omelettes -- to help your team start their day.

Why Breakfast Catering?

Prioritized Health & Safety

We’ve developed the Standard for food handling and take extraordinary care to reduce safety risks to our clients, vendors, and staff.

Budget Optimization

We take your budget further by leveraging our diverse network of partners throughout New York City to bring you great food and experiences within your budget.

Meal Variety for Everyone offers a variety of different breakfast options including boxed meal and buffet catering, group ordering for businesses and residences, as well as fully staffed options.

We Handle the Logistics

Thousands of companies across the country rely on for their corporate breakfast catering. We connect our customers with a rich variety of breakfast items tailored to their specific needs.

Interested in boxed breakfast options?

Two Ways to Order

Choose how you order:
Managed Ordering
Group Ordering

Connect with our catering experts

Our catering experts will build your profile by reviewing your schedule, budget, headcount, dietary restrictions, and staffing needs.

Leave the planning and execution to us

We’ll build a schedule of customized menus and experiences by matching your profile with our network of hand-selected, taste-tested vendors, which you can then view and share with your team directly from our platform.

Enjoy delicious meals with no-contact delivery

We’ll handle the logistics and make sure your meal is set up correctly and on-time. Our on-site staff can set up and serve your meal, keep the service area tidy, and stay after to clean up and sanitize equipment.

Set your schedule and budget

Set your meal schedule and subsidy amounts and invite your team members to join your group. Team admins can segment the team into different groups and track order details.

Let the team select and customize their meals

Team members can place their orders for the week all at once, or wait until the night before to make each selection. We’ll plan different vendors for every meal and curate menus with options for every dietary preference.

Enjoy personalized meals and no-contact delivery

Meals are individually wrapped and labeled with employee names and organized so they’re easy to find for quick and convenient grab-n-go. Our vendors will make a no-contact delivery and set up your team’s meals in a designated space in your office.


“ has been able to get our employees from all different departments together, to get away from our desks, recharge, and be able to return to our work, happy and full.”

—Ellen K., Employee Experience Specialist,