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Group Ordering: Host Features

Jonathan Altshuler

August 19, 2020


The Group Ordering platform has a robust set of features for Host users, those individuals in charge of a given schedule of meals. Managing an employee meal program is a big responsibility, so we’ve built out a number of features to help make hosting meals as easy as possible.

Below we’ll discuss Host features related to group management, real-time order monitoring, and meal details.

Group Management

Hosts are responsible for creating and maintaining groups and assigning these groups to different meal schedules.

As a Host, you can:

  • Create one or more groups to segment your team. Our flexible group options allow you to choose exactly which meals each of your employees can participate in.
  • Create a group for your entire team for company-wide meals and additional groups for any other meals that aren’t open to the entire team.
  • Send unique links to relevant team members so they can sign up to join the group
  • Easily add guests to any meal

Real-Time Monitoring

For Hosts who want real-time information about their team’s participation in meals, we make it easy to check on the status of your upcoming meals.

Hosts can:

  • Check real-time updates for each meal, so you have an idea of how many meals will arrive
  • See who has and hasn’t placed their orders for upcoming meals
  • Send reminders to group members who may have forgotten to submit their orders
  • View a countdown clock to the submission deadline to see how much time is left to order for a particular meal

Host Cart

The Host has a separate cart that has additional functionality, providing them even more ways to enhance their meals.

Via the Host cart, Hosts can:

  • Order additional items as backup meals for team members who forgot to order or as communal items to be shared by the team
  • Create custom labels to designate each item for specific team members

These are just some of the simple yet exciting features available through Group Ordering. We’re excited to continue sharing additional new features soon. In the meantime, please let us know if you have any questions or sign up for a virtual demo!

Contact us to learn more about Group Ordering host features or read on to learn about the following topics:



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